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When talking about Islam, one cannot mention the Quran without mentioning the Hadith. It is like these two are inseparable although not entirely interchangeable. One is believed to be the “finest piece of literature” in Arabic, yet the other one serves as a pertinent tool in understanding the very word of Allah. Through the years, these two became a significant part of a Muslim’s life to achieve his halcyon days. Even at the bleakest of situations, these two never cease to provide a gift of levity.

There are, however, some differences between the Quran and the Hadith though both of them are considered to be spiritual food given at the right time. Though they probably have the same intentions or goals, no matter how pure they are, undoubtedly, there are still some differences that are worth noting.

For one, the Quran is believed by its followers to be the exact words of their true God Allah, which were revealed to his Prophet Muhammad, within a period of around 22 years from the time when the Prophet reached his 40th year under the sun until he reached his last summer. This holy writing proved the essence of Muhammad’s prophet-hood since how the words were spoken by the Great God Allah were literally documented in the Quran. The book not only provides detailed historical accounts but also serves as holy guidance. It pinpoints the moral significance of a certain event behind a true account.

On the other hand, the Hadith is entirely a unique piece of writing in a totally different package. The writings are based solely from the words and actions of Muhammad which are used as a significant tool to further understand the Quran. The prophet himself outlined the distinction being clear that his own utterances made up the Hadith, but the Quran was basically all about Allah’s own words. For Muslims, this book is highly esteemed. It is essential in clarifying issues especially when it comes to Islamic jurisprudence, or referring to their observance of moral, ritual, and social legislation. In contrast with the Quran, the Hadith may have various chains of transmission. Some of these jurisprudents require a number of specific narrators like five, seven, or even as many as one hundred as the need may be.

These holy writings are never considered to be in stark contrast for both of them serve as floodgates of our learning. With these differences, we can conclude that no matter how different they are, both books were written to strengthen Islam’s faith. The Hadith was not written to digress from the faith but rather to serve as a complement to the holy book, the Quran. Yet, it is still noteworthy to have learned the following differences between the Quran and the Hadith.


1.While the book of the Quran is undoubtedly understood as a holy writing because its words came directly from Allah, the Hadith has its writings based solely from a human, Muhammad.
2.While the holy Quran is convincingly concluded to be written exactly as it was being spoken by Allah, the writings of the Hadith are only based from the spoken words of the prophet and not necessarily recorded word for word.
3.While the Quran, the holy writing, is believed to be transmitted by a tawatur, the Hadith as a whole is otherwise. 4.Except in some particular cases, it has no necessary transmission.

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  1. I din c my answa

  2. but how do we know if a hadith is truly authentic? For example the hadiths stated that say that music is prohibited? how do we know that they are even true because there is no direct prohibition of music in the qur’an. and all these scholars are just making assumptions based on ayats that don’t even directly prohibit it. If listening to music or making music was a sin wouldn’t it have been mentioned with the other sins?

    • Indeed. Music is not prohibited, because the Qu’ran is THE complete book written by GOD (Allahu Ackbar). If it is not explicitly prohibited in the Quran by Allah, it is not forbidden. So music is allowed. After all, what would you call nasheeds, or any recitation of the Qur’an?

  3. sir instead “God Allah” if we write only Allah

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