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Calories vs fat calories

‘Health is Wealth’. But with the outburst of fast food meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-betweens, health and wealth might have already jumped off the window. The health bar of people certainly has gone from top to bottom because of the junks that flood the food market and the carefree lifestyle that matches up with it. Cardiovascular diseases are┬ápumping the chart of the C.O.D. of people on health mortality rates; more and more people (even kids as young as 5 year olds) are becoming obese; new diseases linked to cholesterol build ups are being recognized; and a lot of other horrible news springs everyday regarding what people eats and the results of it.

Because of these issues, health conscious individuals have turned into exercise, special diets, and food supplements regimen in order to not become a victim of the food that they take in. This is extremely good. It’s a pro health and wealth trend that attracts a lot of people worldwide. It has become a campaign with participants coming from all ages, male and female, from all walks of life. Even celebrities all have their special diets or personal trainers just to get in shape and be healthy.

But, still, a large number of the human population cannot or would not join this noble campaign simply because it’s strenuous. It takes a lot of time burning the fats that are consumed. Stretching, running, watching what’s being put inside the mouth is more difficult than just dealing with what they usually see in the mirror. Although it’s very hurtful in the eyes to see a body figure defiled by all that excess fats and cellulites, it’s actually easier to take than do strenuous activities. Nobody would really want to stop eating those yummy and greasy hamburgers, French fries and burritos sold in all fast food areas.

Young people have to be educated with these issues. Getting healthy and staying in shape is a tough job but the saying ‘health is wealth’ is not a joke either. Your own body is your only weapon to get through life so you have a BIG responsibility to take care of it. You need to stay in top shape and one way and probably the easiest way to do that is to be able to learn how to read Nutritional Facts and compute the calorie and fat calorie contents.

Calorie, to begin with, is a unit of energy. Nutritionists use calorie to measure the amount of energy in foods that you take in. Calories are categorized by the food source it came from— carbohydrate, or fat, or protein. When you look at the Nutrition Facts on every food labels of your drinks and food, you will see the total computed calories of the entire serving. Knowing how to read the NF on your food labels is going to be a big help for your health consciousness campaign. Calories per gram of protein and carbohydrates are equals to 4. While calories per gram of fat is equals to 9.

Calories from fat are the most important calories that you should watch. An average person only needs 20-30 fat calories everyday which is equals to 50-80 grams of fat. So how do you compute the calorie level you get from milk measuring it by the fat content? If the milk has 8% grams of fat, multiply it by 9 then you get 72% of total grams of fat content from the milk you’re about to drink. That’s a lot of fat, yes. Most of the fats that you consume everyday came from two categories: the monosaturated fats from natural or vegetable oils such as olive oil and unsaturated fats from animal sources such as cheese and butter and meat.


Calories is a unit of energy used to measure the amount of heat found in the food; while fat calories are the amount of the grams of fat found in the food.

Calories are categorized by the food source it came from— fat, protein and carbohydrate. Fat calories on the other hand are either found from the monosaturated fats or unsaturated fats that you take in.

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