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AA and AAA are battery designations that are used to indicate the size and potential charge capacity of certain batteries. The most significant difference between the two, is their size. AAA batteries are smaller compared to AA. This is important, as battery operated devices often use only one specific size. Although you cannot fit an AA battery on an AAA slot, you may be able to find adaptors that can make an AAA battery fit on an AA slot.

AA and AAA batteries carry the same amount of voltage, as do bigger batteries, like the D type. This is because they are basically just a single cell. 9 Volt batteries utilize six cells in a series to come up with the higher voltage. The smaller size of the AAA batteries means that there is a smaller amount of electrochemical material, which contains that electric charge. Although this directly translates to a smaller amount of charge in a AAA battery, this may not always be the case, as there are high capacity AAA batteries that might surpass the capacity of a standard AA battery.

The usage of AA and AAA batteries often varies, and there are no set standards for when to use one over the other, but you are more likely to find that devices which consume a lot of power, use AA batteries. Examples of high consumption devices, are battery operated toys and small electric torches. These devices also use more than one AA cell to raise the voltage, or to increase the operating time. AAA batteries are often found on low power, or portable devices, that don’t consume too much power. Clocks and remote controllers are good examples of devices that don’t need frequent battery changes.

For rechargeable batteries, you would need a charger that is suited for your batteries, but in case you have both AA and AAA batteries, you can find chargers that can charge both types. They have a movable part that uses a spring to push the battery tightly into place. AA and AAA batteries share the same electrical characteristics, and the charger would not need to treat them differently.


1. AAA batteries are smaller compared to the AA.

2. AAA batteries carry a smaller amount of material compared to the AA.

3. AAA batteries may carry a smaller amount of charge compared to the AA.

4. AAA batteries are commonly found in small, and low power devices, while AA batteries are for devices that consume more power.

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  3. Indeed, quite a good article.

    I’ve been searching online for info regarding the power-comparison of say– for example– 2 AA batteries compared to 3 AAA batteries.

    For instance, let’s say I was shopping for a toy that was powered by a small motor, yet there is no info about the motor or power of the toy. Although battery-power might not be a guaranteed indicator of the toy’s motor-strength, it seems to be the only way I can guess which toys (amongst the different companies) have the strongest motor… I mean, a particularly strong motor likely requires a relative amount of power, thus “more juice”, whereas a particularly weaker motor would require less…

    So then, my question to you– the author, as well as any other readers of the article– is…

    Which would deliver more power to a small motor: A fewer amount of larger batteries (like 2 AAs) or a greater amount of smaller batteries (like 3AAAs)???

    I’m not looking for duration or longevity, just ability to generate power… I’m shopping for the strongest motor in a toy, and so will choose amongst the toys that generate the highest battery power. I want to “know” (as best I can) if the toys with a motor powered by 2 AAs would be stronger, weaker, or no different than those powered by 3 AAs.

    Great article, and thanks to anyone for any help & insight.

  4. I have this wireless gamepad I use to play videogames on my PC.Ever since I started using it, I guess I was always using AAA batteries for it and it worked just fine.Recently I noticed on the joystick’s pack that suggested using AA batteries.Does it make a difference?

    • Yes , of course because AAA batteries discharge soon and may be charged many times, using AA battery increases time of activity

  5. Interesting so if I read this correctly AA and AAA batteries have the same output. 1.5 V and thevsize of the package and subsequent endurance being the only difference?
    What about wattage, amperage or things like Nominal capacity: ?mAh (Max)
    Max Continuous Rated Discharge & Max Pulse:

    The stuff I see listed typically on a battery like an 18650?

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