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Difference Between CR2032 and CR2450

Coin or button batteries are small, round, and typically disc-shaped power sources commonly used in devices like watches, calculators, and hearing aids. They are compact, lightweight, and come in various chemistries, including lithium and alkaline. There is no standard for labeling and numbering coin cells. Not all vendors follow the same standard. A CR20232 battery, for example, is different than a CR2450 battery in terms of diameter and thickness.

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between CR20232 and CR2450 batteries in detail.

What is a CR20232 battery?

A CR2032 battery is a small, round, flat battery commonly used in various electronic devices like watches, key fobs, calculators, and small electronic gadgets. The “CR” stands for “coin” or “button cell,” indicating its shape. The battery measures 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness. It is a non-rechargeable battery, meaning that it cannot be recharged once it is depleted.

What is a CR2450 battery?

A CR2450 battery is a larger lithium coin cell, measuring 24.5mm in diameter and 5.0mm in thickness. It provides a 3-volt power supply and is commonly used in devices requiring a higher capacity and larger size compared to CR2032 batteries. It is a non-rechargeable battery with a nominal voltage of 3V and a capacity of 600 mAh. CR2450 batteries are known for their long lifespan, typically lasting up to 10 years.

Difference between CR2032 and CR2450

  1. Size: CR2450 batteries are larger in diameter and thicker than CR2032 batteries. This means that they may not fit in devices designed for CR2032 batteries. CR2032 batteries measure 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness, while CR2450 batteries measure 24.5mm in diameter and 5.0mm in thickness.
  2. Capacity: CR2450 batteries have a significantly higher capacity than CR2032 batteries, meaning they can store more power and last longer. CR2032 typically has a lower capacity, around 200–240 milliampere-hours (mAh), while CR2450 generally has a higher capacity, around 600–620 milliampere-hours (mAh).
  3. Lifespan: CR2450 batteries typically have a longer lifespan than CR2032 batteries. A CR2032 battery can last up to 8 years, whereas a CR2450 battery can last up to 10 years. This makes CR2450 battery a better choice for devices that require long-lasting power.
  4. Applications: CR2032 batteries are commonly used in smaller devices like key fobs, watches, and calculators. The CR2450 batteries are often used in devices that require a larger size and higher capacity, such as computer motherboards, medical devices, and security systems.

CR2032 vs. CR2450: Comparison Chart


To sum it up, CR2032 and CR2450 batteries differ significantly in size, with the former being smaller (20mm diameter, 3.2mm thickness) and the latter larger (24.5mm diameter, 5.0mm thickness). CR2450 batteries generally have a higher capacity (around 600–620 mAh) compared to CR2032 (around 200–240 mAh). CR2032 batteries are used in smaller devices like watches and key fobs, while CR2450 batteries are used in larger devices requiring higher capacity.


Can I use a CR2032 instead of a CR2450?

No, you cannot use a CR2032 battery to replace a CR2450 because they have a difference of 4 mm in diameter and 1.8 mm in thickness.

What battery can replace the CR2032?

A CR2025 is a common lithium coin cell battery that can be used in similar applications as the CR2032 battery.

Are CR2430 and CR2032 interchangeable?

No, CR2430 batteries are wider, so they cannot be used interchangeably with CR2032 batteries. 

How long do CR2450 lithium batteries last?

Under normal conditions, a CR2450 lithium battery can last for up to 10 years. However, its lifespan depends on various factors, such as usage and the specific device it’s powering.

Can I use a CR2032 in a key fob?

Yes, you can use a CR2032 in a key fob. However, it’s important to ensure that the dimensions match the requirements of the key fob.

What battery can I use in place of a CR2430?

The CR2450 battery is a direct substitute for the CR2430 battery. Both batteries have the same voltage (3V) and diameter (24mm). The CR2450, however, is slightly thicker (5.0mm) than the CR2430 (3.0mm). This means that the CR2450 will fit in most devices that are designed for the CR2430, but it may be too thick for some devices.

What battery can replace the CR2450?

A CR2430 battery has the same voltage as a CR2450 but is slightly thinner and smaller in diameter. It may be a suitable replacement for a CR2450 in devices with limited space constraints.

What button batteries are interchangeable?

Button batteries with the same diameter and thickness are often interchangeable. For example, CR2450 and CR2430 batteries have the same diameter (24mm) and can be substituted in most cases.

Can I use CR2016 instead of CR2032?

No, you cannot directly replace a CR2032 battery with a CR2016 battery. While they both have the same voltage (3V), they differ in thickness.

Is a Duracell 2032 the same as a CR2032?

Yes, a Duracell 2032 is the same as a CR2032 battery. The CR2032 designation is a standardized naming convention for lithium coin batteries, and Duracell is a brand that manufactures CR2032 batteries.

What is the capacity of a CR2450 battery?

The capacity of a CR2450 battery is typically between 550mAh and 620mAh. This means that the battery can store between 550 and 620 milliampere-hours of electrical energy.

Are 3V lithium batteries interchangeable?

Yes, 3V lithium batteries are generally interchangeable, as long as they have the same size and dimensions. The most common 3V lithium batteries are CR2032, CR2016, and CR2025.

What does the CR stand for on a CR2032 battery?

The CR in CR2032 stands for lithium manganese dioxide. The “R” stands for round, which is the shape of the battery. The 20 means that the battery is 20 millimeters in diameter, and the 32 means that the battery is 3.2 millimeters thick.

What does CR stand for on a battery?

The CR stands for lithium manganese dioxide. The “R” stands for round, which is the shape of the battery.

What brand of CR2032 batteries last the longest?

Some of the well-known brands of CR2032 batteries include Energizer, Panasonic, Duracell, Royovac, Sony, etc.

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