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  1. Joseph de Victoria
    October 31, 2010

    Classical guitars and acoustic steel string guitars do have a difference in the construction but wood difference is not one of them. In this article it is mention that classical guitars are made of a lighter wood than the steel strings acoustic.

    The “soundboard” (top plate) of the guitar is the most important component on a guitar and is responsible for the tone,volume,and balance of the instrument. Spruce and Cedar is the wood of choice for soundboards because of tyhe high stiffness-to-weight ratio.Both steel strings and nylon strings guitar makers use this type of wood
    (besides others) in the making of their instruments top plate.

    The classical guitar does weight less primarily because it is slightly smaller and the fret-board is built without the addition of an “adjusting-rod” like the steel strings have.
    Steel string does place a heavier pressure from the neck to the bridge and therefore the “stabilizing-rod” in the fretboard is a necessity for correcting any warping. Recently some luthiers are experimenting with “adjusting-rods” in the classical guitar
    but at present this represents less than 1% of the classical guitar market.

    The one acoustic guitar that is made of lighter wood is those guitars made for the playing of “flamenco” music. These guitars are maded with cypress wood and the walls of its back,sides,and soundboard are much thinner. In addition Flamenco guitars are about 2.5cm narrower than the classical guitar.


  2. Karen
    February 6, 2014

    Thanks for this info, I was wondering what kind I have and what the differences are. This answered all my questions. Thank you! : )


  3. Shubham shrivas
    February 5, 2017

    From which guitar I start learning to guitar and how long time I can learn guitar


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