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Difference Between Amazon Kindle and Kindle 2

kindle_Amazon Kindle vs Kindle 2

The Kindle, which is an ebook reader using the E-ink technology, was a best seller on its release. Selling out within 6 hours of its release. The Kindle 2 is the improved version of the Kindle that retains most of its good features and tweaked a lot of the little things that users found annoying, mostly in the controls and the keyboard. Instead of trying to copy an ergonomic keyboard like the Kindle did, the Kindle 2 opted for a simpler and spacey design. The control buttons were also relocated to make it easier for the reader and lessen the chances of accidental presses, which is very common with the Kindle. The Kindle 2 has also been slimmed down, reducing it to almost half the thickness of the older Kindle while increasing the length by half an inch.

The screen of the Kindle 2 has been made better and faster. The faster refresh rate of the Kindle 2 screen allowed the removal of the selector that was essential in the Kindle. The screen of the Kindle 2 is also capable of displaying up to 165 shades of gray making it better at showing pictures over the Kindle which can only reproduce 4 shades of gray.

A new feature that was introduced in the Kindle 2 is ‘text to speech’. With the Kindle 2, you can listen to your ebooks being read by either a male or female voice. This feature is not present in the Kindle but the Kindle 2 pulls it off rather nicely, even adding the option to speed the voice speed up to three times the normal rate.

In a move that some users questioned, Amazon removed the SD card slot in the Kindle 2. This meant that users are limited to the 2GB of internal memory. Although the Kindle only had 250MB of internal memory, the SD card slot meant that its maximum memory is virtually limitless as the user can always purchase additional cards to increase the storage capacity.

1.The Kindle 2 features a lot of tweaks in its controls that improves its usability over the original Kindle
2.The Kindle 2 is slightly longer but is almost half the thickness of the Kindle
3.The screen of the Kindle 2 has a wider range of gray shades allowing it to reproduce images better
4.The Kindle 2 has text to speech function which is not present in the Kindle
5.The Kindle only has 250Mb of internal memory but has an SD slot for additional memory while the Kindle 2 has 2GB integrated but no SD card slot

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