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Difference Between Cubic Zirconia and Diamond

Cubic Zirconia vs Diamond

Diamonds are highly coveted because of its immense value and magnificent beauty. But difficulties in production and increasing market demand has led Russian scientists to come up with a substitute gem that comes very close to real diamonds ‘“ the Cubic Zirconia. Seen with the naked eye, one can easily mistake it for a diamond which is why it has gained popularity among gem enthusiasts. But how can anyone tell which is which?

Expert gemologists are highly trained and usually they can easily identify gems just by looking at them but not the Cubic Zirconia which uncannily shares a lot of a diamond’s features. This is why it’s necessary to use gemological equipment and tools to tell them apart.

Diamonds are known for its toughness. In fact, it’s the hardest substance ever known to man which is why it’s used for industrial purposes. In the Mohs scale of hardness, diamond is ranked at the top wi th 10 while the Cubic Zirconia is somewhere between 8.5 and 9. This means that despite its close resemblance and toughness, the Cubic Zirconia is still no match to the real thing when it comes to hardness.

Another giveaway for the Cubic Zirconia is its weight. Compared to a real diamond of the same size, it’s heavier at 1.75 times more. This can easily differentiate one from the other unless of course neither one is a genuine diamond.

The Cubic Zirconia is artificially produced which is why it’s easier to make them appear flawless. Diamonds on the other hand are mined and despite all efforts to polish them into perfection, there will always remain impurities and flaws. These defects are telling signs that gemologists are looking at real diamonds and not its doppelganger the Cubic Zirconia.

Color is another feature to look out for when examining these two gems. Diamonds exist that are perfectly without color but they are extremely ra re and hard to find. The Cubic Zirconia can be made colorless which can easily fool anyone into believing they’ve laid hands on an exceptional diamond.

Diamonds shine brighter than Cubic Zirconia and that is based on their respective refractive indexes. The real deal has an index of 2.417 which is significantly higher than 2.176 that the Cubic Zirconia has. It’s why it’s always good to have an expert gemologist around when looking for real diamonds.

Finally, there’s heat conductivity. Diamonds are excellent heat conductors which why they’re used for lasers. On the other hand, the Cubic Zirconia is considered an insulator which means they have a reduced capacity to transfer heat. It’s not easy to tell which is what among these two gems without using scientific methods with the aid of gem experts. Nonetheless, they are both valuable minerals.


1. Diamonds are harder than Cubic Zirconia.

2. Cubic Zirconi a is heavier than a diamond.

3. Cubic Zirconia can be created with no defects while diamonds will always have impurities.

4. Cubic Zirconia can be manufactured colorless while only the rarest of diamonds has this feature.

5. Diamonds are brighter than the Cubic Zirconia.

6. Diamonds transfer heat much more effectively than the Cubic Zirconia.

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