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Difference Between Cucumber and Zucchini

cucumber_zucchiniCucumber vs Zucchini
Cucumbers and Zucchinis have always been a problem vegetable for a lot of people to distinguish apart. Actually it is very hard to distinguish between the two because when these two vegetables are placed right next to each other they both have the same exact dark green skin, pale and seedy flesh, and long cylindrical shape. However when you touch them you will soon see that what might appear as twins which are not. Cucumbers have a cold and waxy bumpy feeling exterior and Zucchinis have a rough and dry exterior.

Cucumbers are a member of the gourd family. It is also a creeping vine that roots into the ground and travels up a trellis. The plant itself has large leaves that form a canopy like top over the fruit. Zucchini on the other hand is a part of the cucuribita family. The female flower of the plant has a golden blossom on the end of each zucchini plant. The male flower on the other hand grows on the stem of the plant and is smaller than the female plant.

The flowers of the cucumber plant are not edible while the flowers of the zucchini are edible and many consider them a delicacy. A cucumber is basically classified as a fruit while a zucchini on the other hand is most generally classified as a vegetable which means that it is prepared differently.

Another big difference between Cucumbers and Zucchini is the way that they are cooked. When cucumbers are cooked they become wilted but still maintain a slight crunch. Zucchini on the other hand will sweeten up and brown when they are cooked either on the top of the stove or the oven.

When these vegetables are eaten raw you will see yet another big difference. Cucumbers will be juicy, cool, and crisp. Zucchini on the other hand will be a little heartier they also will appear a little sweet but yet a little bitter at the same time. Most generally people prefer to eat cucumbers raw while they will cook Zucchini before they consume them.
1.Cucumbers have a cold and waxy bumpy exterior and zucchinis have a rough and dry exterior
2.Cucumbers are members of the gourd family and zucchinis are members of the Cucuribita family
3.Cucumber plants is a creeping vine that roots in the ground and travels up a trellis and zucchinis do not
4.Cucumbers are classified as a fruit and zucchinis are classified as a vegetable
5.Cucumbers can be eaten cold or cooked Zucchinis are best when they are cooked.
6.When eaten raw cucumbers are juicy, cool and crisp. Zucchinis will appear sweet and bitter at the same time.

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  1. Cucuribita is Latin for gourd. Your third point is an oxymoron.

    • Indeed, both cucumber and zucchini belong to the cucurbitaceae family (= gourds) (I guess cucuribita is a typo?), although they are in different genera: Cucurbita for zucchini vs Cucumis for cucumber.

    • Isn’t it that cucurbits and gourd family the same?

  2. They are fruit actually

    • Yes, they are both fruit. But they can also be vegetables- the terms are not mutually exclusive. “Vegetable” is a culinary term that identifies edible parts of plants and how they’re prepared.

  3. They are both members of the cucuribita family according to everything I’ve found. In fact from the botany side they are the same all the way up until their actual name.

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