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Difference Between Drip and Brewed Coffee

coffee-beansDrip Vs Brewed Coffee

Asking for the difference between drip and brewed coffee is like asking how a car and a vehicle differ. In the more general term, brewed coffee is the sum of any coffee preparation may it be prepared through a percolator, a French press or even through a so-called ‘drip.’ All of the resulting coffee products, no matter how it was prepared, can be classified as brewed coffee. The broader brewed coffee has its range of resulting tastes depending on how it is prepared; whilst, drip coffee is one of the preparations that yields a particular specific taste of brew.

Making coffee using a drip coffeemaker entails the use of a dripping maneuver of an almost-boiled water that passes through grounded or roasted coffee on a filter resulting in ‘drips.’ This leads to the second key difference that drip coffee uses filters. These filters, which are used all over the world, can be made up of a variety of materials like paper, thin metal screen sheets and even plastic. The latter is more popular nowadays due to its positive environmental impact. Unless a brewed coffee is prepared using a drip, it is most likely that it did not use a form of coffee filtering device.

Through the action of gravity, the drips are actually composed of water and important coffee oil extracts, which are then accumulated inside a coffee collecting receptacle (a coffee basin) immediately below. The filter, in a drip coffee set-up, is responsible in trapping the nonessential coffee oil extracts that should not be mixed with the resultant brewed coffee mixture. These oils, termed as used coffee grounds, are most likely the heavier ones compared to the lighter coffee oils that passed through the filter.

Overall, it can now be observed that drip coffee and brewed coffee are terms that are being used interchangeably because of their very close meanings regarding coffee preparation but it must be known that drip coffee is the more specific coffee preparation that yields a different type of coffee in comparison with other coffee preparation methods.

Summary :
1.Drip coffee yields a definite or specific taste whereas brewed coffee can produce various tastes depending on how it was prepared.
2.Drip coffee makes use of a filter whereas brewed coffee does not, unless it is through a drip mechanism
3.Drip coffee is a specific type of coffee preparation whereas brewed coffee is the more general term for a group of coffee preparations.

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