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Difference Between Electric and Spring Airsoft Guns

airsoft-gunsElectric vs Spring Airsoft Guns

Simulation games are indeed fun and one of the most enjoyable simulations is the frantic game of gun battle ‘“ airsoft games!

Certainly, safety is the primary concern that is why replica firearms are used in this exciting hobby/sport. The game is similar to paint ball only more realistic and it is often exercised in Military Simulations and Police training. The replica firearms used are called “Airsoft Guns”; they are generally considered safe when used in a controlled environment.

Airsoft Guns are typically classified based on how they operate, particularly, in the method on how the shots are fired. There are basically 3 types of Airsoft guns; spring, electric, or gas-powered.

Let’s try to compare two of them — the forerunner in the field, Spring Airsoft guns, and the latest and hi-tech of the three types, the AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns).

Spring Airsoft guns are the first generation weapons in airsoft games. Since they are crude, they are only single action type of weapons where there is only a single BB (bullets) fired per cock of the replica gun. If you want to fire again, the weapon must be manually re-cocked for the next shot.

Spring guns are however perfect for beginners and for occasional hobbyists. Because of the “one cock, one bullet” characteristic of “springers”, firing time is significantly increased. Springers pose a big disadvantage in highly competitive circumstances therefore they are not preferred in competition events.

A spring airsoft gun operates this way: when you cock the gun, the spring inside, which is attached to a piston, is compressed ready to launch. Once the trigger is pulled, the spring is released flinging the piston forward which compresses the air in the cylinder and ultimately firing the BB out of the gun.

The device and the physics involved are pretty simple and straightforward as there are only few moving parts involve in its operation. Crude as it may seem, these are the most durable of all types of airsoft guns mainly because of its minimalism. There are only few parts that can break that will make the gun inoperable.

Now, let’s go to a much more hi-tech type of airsoft gun, the AEG. These electric-powered firearms used in airsoft games use battery to fire BBs. Unlike springers, electric guns have gears inside them to compress the air inside. They have fast firing time since most of them are fully automatic; these are the qualities that make AEGs very popular among serious gamers.

AEGs, hi-tech as they are, can still be upgraded and quite easy to maintain. However, without proper care, they easily malfunction. They are hard on the pockets but the joy of firing on a fleeing or covering enemy with a fully automatic gun is worth the money!


1. Spring guns are crude and outdated while Electric guns are current and hi-tech.
2. Spring guns are single-action type of guns, in which there is one bullet fired per manual cock of the gun. Electric guns are fully automatic.
3. Spring guns have slow firing time while electric guns are fast.
4. Spring guns are great for newbies or entry-level hobbyists while electric guns are favored by serious airsoft gamers.
5. Spring guns are more durable while electric guns are relatively easy to malfunction.
6. Spring guns are cheaper than electric guns.

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