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Difference Between BB Guns and Airsoft Guns

BB Guns vs Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns and BB guns, these days, are two of the most popular hobbies of gun enthusiasts. War games, target shooting, and other Airsoft games are very appealing to teenagers and adults alike. Airsoft guns and BB guns are two distinct types of air guns that you can legally own in most areas. Even though both of these air guns look, feel, and function similarly like real guns, that is where the similarities stop. They are different from quite a number of things. This article will show you how they differ from each other.

BB guns or ball bearing guns have been around for about 100 years or more. It is a type of air gun that typically shoots .177 caliber metal balls that have enough force to pierce skin and kill small animals like birds, squirrels, and other small game. Some people use BB guns for hunting very small animals or pests. Their range is shorter compared to most pellet guns but it is fairly powerful. It shoots 91 to 152.4 meters per second. Tin cans, paper, and cardboard are the common targets that most BB gun owners use. The law states that all air guns or rifles should have a red-tipped barrel so that you could identify whether they are real or not. In the BB guns’ case, they do not have a red tip on the barrel because they are not classified as toys and, therefore, can be deadly and dangerous. They are not intended to be shot at people because they can be lethal if you accidentally shot them in the wrong place. BB guns, unlike Airsoft guns, should never to be fired or used in war games for they can cause real damage.

Airsoft guns are the most recent addition to airguns. They have only been around since the early 1980s in Japan. Unlike BB guns that shoot metallic balls, Airsoft guns fire light-weight plastic BBs that are relatively harmless. It is not designed to cause injury and, therefore, is safer to own even for children to use in their own backyard with adult supervision. They are solely for recreational purposes. They shoot their pellets not as fast as other airguns. Airsoft guns can shoot at a speed of 55 to 91 meters per second. Its muzzle velocity ranges from around 180 to 300 fps. The design of Airsoft guns have close replicas of military guns. It has three kinds of ammunition; spring, gas, or electric. Spring-powered guns are the least expensive among the three, but they are also the most durable kind. Among the other two, this kind costs the most if you use your gun a lot. Despite that fact, many people prefer this kind because it offers more firepower. The electric Airsoft is the most famous for war gamers. This is mainly because of its rapid, automatic fire.


1. BB guns have been around for more than 100 years while Airsoft is the most recent addition to guns. It
has been around since the early 1980s.
2. BB guns fire metal pellets while Airsoft guns fire light-weight, plastic BBs.
3. BB guns shoot at a speed of 91 to 152.4 meters per second. On the other hand, Airsoft guns are a bit
slower. It can shoot at a speed of 55 to 91 meters per second.
4. BB guns can cause damage, harm, and at some point are lethal. Airsoft guns, however, are not
designed to cause personal or property damage.
5. Therefore, BB guns cannot be used to shoot at people while Airsoft guns are safe to use in war games
and other similar hobbies.

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