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Difference Between Fisheye and Wide Angle

Fisheye vs wide angle

Cameras have gone a long way. These days, cameras are used for almost every occasion. They may be used for domestic purposes or they may be used for artistic purposes. Cameras can take pictures and make it look better than in real life. These gadgets now can take a wide range of varieties of subjects.

The camera also can take different angles as the photographer wants. Subjects can look nearer in the camera or a broad scene is captured by the camera. All of these depend on the gadgets being used by the photographer. The lenses, most especially can make your subjects look so much better as you take pictures of them. Some of the lenses you can use to make your picture look great are the wide-angle lens and the fish-eye lens. Though both are considered wide lens, they both differ in so many ways.

The first determinant of their difference is the length. The length of the wide-angle lens can get from 24mm, 28mm, up to 35mm. However, the standard length of the wide-angle lens is 28mm.compared to the fish-eye lens; it is actually the same as to the wide-angle lens only it is in the extreme manner. It is the extreme version of the wide-angle lens in the sense that the degree of angle it can reach is 180 degrees and even more.

The uses of these two lenses also vary greatly; the wide-angle lens is best used in close places, such as inside the building or close-up group shots. This is because the wide-angle lens can give you a wide range of depth of field, making it easier to capture the background and the foreground of the subject. On the other hand the fish-eye lens can give you an angle of 180 degrees. This means this lens is not appropriate for normal angle shots. This is best used in open places like in the meadow or in the fields like using it to take pictures of a soccer game. This can take a large crowd subject.

Despite the differences of modernized camera lenses, it is best to know where wide-angle lenses are usually used. Wide-angle lenses should be used closer to the subject because if you are standing as far as the subject and take a shot, the subject will look so much smaller. If you are closer to the subject and take the picture, the subject will look perfect together with its back ground. Also, wide-angle lenses are best for landscape shots.



The wide-angle view has a standard angle of 28mm, while the fish-eye lens can get to the extreme with 180 degrees.

The uses also vary, the wide-angle is used in closed places such as buildings; while the fish-eye lens can get pretty wide so it must be used in open places like fields.

Wide-angle are great for close up group shots while the fish-eye lens is best for large crowd subjects.

Both these lenses are best for landscape and must be close to the subject.

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