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marbleGranite and Marble
Granite and marble are stones that need to be quarried from deep within the Earth’s crust to reach us. That is where the similarity of both of them ends. After that, they are as different from one another as chalk from cheese is. Granite is found deep within the mantle of the Earth at temperatures that are above normal. Granite as a stone is hard, resistant and does not get scratched or harmed easily. It is made of crystallized minerals. Granites are of different kinds such as quarts, feldspar and mica. They are ideally used for kitchen platforms as they are hard, resistant and do not require a lot of polishing and maintenance. Hot temperature does not affect it much.

There are two kinds of granite stones available, which are flamed granite and honed granite. Flamed granite is the kind that is flamed by applying heat from a blow-torch. These results in the surface getting textured so that it results in a non slippery stone, which can be used for paving the roads.

Honed granite is a more reflective and shiny surfaced and has a deeper color to it.

Now, the marble consists of different kinds such as limestone, travertine and onyx. Marble begins as sediment, which could be animal, shell or plant matter. It turns into silt and settles at the bottom of the water body. After millions of years of solidification it turns into stone. Marble is easily stainable since its main component is calcium.

The extent to which the stone is porous, defines the amount of stains on it. Marble is more porous hence the chances of it to stain easily are higher and requires more care. Granite is not that prone to stains.

To sum up, granite and marble are both natural stones. Granite is sturdier of the two as it does not scratch and stain easily.

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