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mattressQueen Bed vs Double Bed

Queen-size beds are 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. They have a surface area of 4,800 square inches. The width per person available is 30 inches. It is wider by 21 inches, and 5 inches longer, than twin beds, and 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a double bed. The extra width and length can help a person get a good nights sleep. The structure is required to have a center leg. This is necessary for support purposes, along with the original rectangular frame. Queen beds are typically used, or placed, in the guest room, small master bedrooms or any regular sized bedroom.

It is best to use for two people who share a bed, and also for tall people, compared to the dimension of a double bed. It is also recommended for adult people because of its extra 5 inches of length. It is an excellent decision for a couple to choose a queen bed if they like to cuddle up. The blankets and sheets are readily available. However, with only 30 inches of available space for each person (about 3 inches greater than a double bed), queen beds may give limited space and comfort for a couple. Therefore, they are suggested for only average sized couples, in order to have enough space and room to sleep comfortably. It is more expensive than the double bed.

Double-size beds, or sometimes called full beds, were used to sleep on by two people until the 1960’s. They are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. The surface area is 4, 050 square inches. It is 15 inches wider than a single bed, but, considering two people sharing the bed, it will only leave 27 inches width per person. It doesn’t occupy much space in the room, and it is cost effective because the sheets and mattresses are less expensive.

It is compatible with a small sized room, since its width is like the width of a crib. It is also recommended for single persons, or a person with a height of 5’5 or less. Children and teenagers are best suited for this kind of bed. It allows them to stretch out and gives them enough space. The double bed’s 75 inches of length may be too short for taller persons.


1. A queen-size bed is wider and longer than a double bed.

2. The available space of a queen bed is 3 inches greater than the double bed.

3. A queen bed has a center leg, while a double bed has none.

4. Queen beds are more appropriate to use for couples than a double bed.

5. Queen beds are more expensive than double beds.

6. A double bed fits into smaller rooms, while queen beds need a regular sized bedroom.

7. Sheets and mattresses are less expensive for double beds than for queen beds.

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