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uziMAC 10 vs UZI

MAC 10, or Military Armament CorporationModel 10, and Uzi are machine guns that have beenused for military purposes for a very long time. Both the MAC 10 and UZI are pistol calibre guns. Well, the MAC 10 comes from the US, and UZI guns come from Israel.

Here we talk about some of the differences between the MAC 10 and UZI guns. UZI guns have a longer history than the MAC 10 guns. The MAC 10, which is considered a blow back operated gun, was developed in 1964 by Gordon B Ingram. UZI guns were developed in the 1940’s, by Uziel Gal.

UZI machine guns are considered to be better than MAC 10 guns. Unlike the MAC 10, UZI machine guns have an open bolt blow black operating design. Well, this design helps to keep the gun cool during continuous firing.

When comparing the weight and length of the two guns, the UZI has the upper hand over the MAC 10. While the UZI has a weight of 3.5 kilograms, the Mac has a weight of 2.84 kilograms. When comparing the lengths, the UZI comes to 640 mm with its stock extended, and 470 mm with its stock collapsed. The MAC 10 has a length of 269 mm with its stock removed, 295 mm with its stock retracted, and 548 mm with its stock extended. The UZI also has a longer barrel than the MAC 10. The barrel length of the UZI is 260 mm, whereas the MAC 10 guns have a barrel length of 146 mm.

Another difference that can be seen, is between the cartridges that are used. While the UZI uses a 9x19mm parabellum, .41 AE, .45 ACP, and .22LR cartridges, the MAC 10 uses .45 ACP and 9×19 mm parabellum cartridges. When considering their rate of firing, the UZI can fire 600 rounds in a minute, and the 9mm MAC can fire about 1,090 rounds a minute. The .45 ACP MAC can fire 1,145 rounds a minute.

Yet again, the UZi and the Mac differ in their muzzle velocity. The UZI has a muzzle velocity of 390 m/s, whereas the MAC has 366 m/s for a 9 mm and 280 m/s for a .45 ACP.

When considering their range, the UZI has an effective range of 100 metres, and a maximum range of 200 metres. On the other hand, the MAC has an effective range of 50 metres and a maximum of 100 metres.


1. The MAC 10 comes from the US and Uzi guns come from Israel.

2. Uzi guns have a longer history than the MAC 10 guns.

3. UZI guns have more weight, and are longer than the MAC guns.

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  1. It would have been nice if you had mentioned the MAC11 which comes in .380 and has a higher rate of fire than the average UZI or MAC10. The mini uzi and micro uzi have higher rates of fire than the normal uzi I believe, and you can get uzis with different lenght barrel for any model. Some uzi may be manufactured in the USA, so it would be difficult to be accurate while you say that UZI comes from Israel. The UZI is just an altered, improved copy of a Czech sumachinegun from the 1940’s too, I believe. So it is not that revolutionary. Neither is the Galil assault rifle that rips off the Finnish AKM variants and inspired the South African RK variants of the akm assault rifle.

    • The UZI comes from Israel becouse it is made in Israel. Sure that it might be manufactured in the USA, but most of them are manufactured in Israel.

      Well it is improvments, so you cant say Israel should not get any fame for that. It is good weapons with a long history.

  2. UZI and MAC 10 smg are Very Good.It does not matter what cailber they fires but both are excellent.Special Forces all over the World have been using UZI and MAC10 .

  3. “When comparing the weight and length of the two guns, the Uzi has the upper hand over the MAC 10. While the Uzi has a weight of 3.5 kilograms, the Mac has a weight of 2.84 kilograms. ”
    I think that it is odd that being a heavier and longer weapon is somehow considered to be an advantage.
    Also, when it was explained that the Uzi fires from an open-bolt chamber whereas the Mac doesn’t, well, that’s not really true. Both guns were designed to be fired from the open-bolt position. Both guns now have variants that fire from the closed-bolt position for civilian sales in the United States. The open-bolt-vs-closed-bolt issue is thus no difference at all between the two weapons. It is also not useful to have a longer barrel on a direct-blowback weapon which is designed primarily to be used with a suppressor for silent operation. Increasing barrel length increases muzzle velocity of the projectiles, which are already traveling at the border of sub/super sonic velocities.

    • Lighter weapons of that size tend to bounce all over the place requires more force in maintaining on target the heavier weapon tends to want to stay on target more at high rate of fire …

  4. The SxS pix really tell the tale.

    Good work.

  5. I have not fired my my Uzi in a long time, eventhough it is one of my favoritze to shoot. It is just plain fun to shoot. But I have found if you fire just any 9MM bullet in it, sometimes it does not eject the chamber back far enough for the spent shell to fully eject and Jams the gun. What 9MM do you recommend for this gun and are these same bullets recommended for my S&W handguns?

  6. It should also be noted the the UZI does in fact fire 45ACP (at least mine does). I have the bolt group and barrel (using the same spring from the bolt group for the 9MM). Official parts manufactured by UZI.

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