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Difference Between Dog Clippers and Human Clippers

clippersDog Clippers vs Human Clippers

Are you fond of grooming your hair? How about your pet’s hair? If you are keen enough, you must pay careful attention to the tools that you plan to use in grooming both human hair and animal hair. Specifically in dogs, you are not encouraged to use a normal human hair cutting tool. Animals, including dogs, require a more specialized set of grooming tools for this purpose.

In terms of cutting hair, one can use either the human hair clippers, or the animal/dog hair clippers. These tools are not the same, as the scissors and razor blades only cut short surface hairs. Clippers are known by some as trimmers. At a distant glance, both human and dog clippers may look the same, but they are very different in terms of their specific features.

Human hair clippers are what you usually see in the barbershop. These clippers are no longer the manually driven tools, but the motor or electric clippers. Some of the most popular human hair clipper manufacturers are Conair and Andis.

It is not advisable to use human clippers for trimming dog’s hair, because the blade teeth are usually arranged closer to one another, as opposed to dog clippers. This may result in the jamming of the tool, causing some form of discomfort to your pet. Especially in thickly coated dog breeds, human clippers lack the speed to pas through the majority of the very thick hair. Therefore, human clippers are only meant to cut down lighter hair, as opposed to the heavier hair in most hairy dogs.

For dogs, it is wisest to use the specially designed dog clippers, because these tools are made of heavier metal, and are relatively sharper than ordinary human clippers. It is because of this fact, that dog clippers have become more expensive than the clippers that people actually use for grooming.

The overall design of the blades also varies between the human and dog clippers. For the latter, they are designed to have the power to move across thick hair. Specifically in electric dog clippers, the tool will not stop, even when it is faced with a thick clump of hair. There are ideally, more blades for dog clippers, with varied blade lengths, as opposed to the human counterpart, where the blades are usually short. Shorter blades only mean that it can’t penetrate tangled hairs.

1. Human hair clippers are traditionally used for humans and are commonly seen at the barbershops, whereas, dog clippers are obviously built or made for usage on dogs, and are often seen in dog or pet parlor shops.

2. Generally, human hair clippers are cheaper compared to dog clippers.

3. Dog clippers are said to be sharper, and more powerful than human hair clippers.

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