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Difference Between Sneakers and Tennis Shoes

Sneakers vs Tennis Shoes

There are a whole lot of differences between tennis shoes and sneakers. Tennis shoes are technically designed to be worn during a tennis match while sneakers are just simple shoes with rubber soles and a canvas topping. Tennis shoes may be used as sneakers when used outside court, but sneakers may not be used as tennis shoes. Broadly speaking, all tennis shoes are sneakers, but not all sneakers are tennis shoes.

Tennis shoes

Tennis is a dynamic game which requires a lot of vigorous activities. The player has to make swift movements and requires shoes that are comfortable and provide extra support to the foot.
Tennis shoes offer lateral support for the swift movement in all four directions. These are specially designed to prevent ankle injuries. When combined with tennis socks, the joints get added support.
During a match on the court, the player has to change positions quiet frequently. These shoes are made up of special material which absorbs shock and comforts the body. These shock absorbent shoes avoid excessive friction in the joints.
These shoes are designed to be used during a tennis match. They provide stability, traction, and power to the player. The toes of the shoes bear extra wear and tear. In order to overcome this problem, the shoes are supported with an extra padding of rubber. Special non-scuffing soles are used in tennis shoes.
Tennis shoes are available in a large array of designs. One can easily find trendy, stylish shoes in athletic stores and online.


Sneakers are the daily wear, casual, comfortable shoes with rubber soles.
Sneakers are available in a large array of designs. These are not designed to be worn during the game. They are simple athletic shoes with soles made up of rubber with a topping of canvas or synthetic materials.
Sneakers are not designed for some specific sport so they lack the technicalities of tennis shoes. They don’t have lateral support, non-scuffing soles, or shock-absorbing material.
Sneakers are more flexible and comfortable when compared with tennis shoes.
They are easily available in shoe stores and online stores in a variety of general, everyday and fashionable pairs.


1.Tennis shoes are specifically made for use on the tennis court while sneakers are designed for casual wear.
2.Tennis shoes have lateral support; sneakers do not have lateral support.
3.Tennis shoes are made up of shock-absorbent material. Sneakers don’t have shock-absorbent material.
4.Tennis shoes have special non-scuffing soles; sneakers don’t.
5.Sneakers are easily available in department and shoe stores while tennis shoes are available in athletic stores.
6.Tennis shoes are costlier than sneakers.
7.Sneakers have a long history; tennis shoes are relatively new.

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