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garments_bookThong vs. G String

Garments, although basically used to shield men and women from the external elements, are also used for aesthetic purposes. In fact, the primary objective of clothing has been blurred. All types of garments, from formal wear to casual house attire, now have a certain amount of fashion sense. In this connection, lingerie too has evolved from just being a piece of cloth to cover the genitals to a sexy garment to attract the provocative eyes of anyone around.

G-strings and thongs share a similar fashion sense. Although both are classified as two different types of underwear, they can be considered as a piece of lingerie (sexy undergarment). Nevertheless, some people confuse the two terms, and use the words interchangeably, and this shouldn’t be the case.

The question as to where the practice of wearing a g-string has originated is not that clear. Many natives throughout the world have worn this garment in its simplest style or form. A g-string, sometimes spelled as gee-string, is a very narrow piece of cloth, either made of plastic or leather, and serves to cover or hold one’s genitals. This undergarment passes in between the buttocks, and is seen to be connected to a band held around the waistline or hips.

The thong, on the other hand, is a bigger term in which g-strings are considered to be just one of its many thong classes. In terms of appearance, a thong is usually seen to have a wider band or clothing line. This means that the fabric that runs in the middle of the buttocks is wider than in g-strings. Usually, it is one or more inches wider. As mentioned, it also has a wider clothing band that wraps around the hips. Conversely, a g-string is almost always a string in appearance. It is much narrower than the thongs, and can also be presented as triangular in shape, or it can appear as a letter T when gazed from the back.

Thongs, in general, are also thought to be sturdier than the g-string. Often, they are made of tough cotton, or elastic materials that are also layered to make it thicker and stronger. In this connection, thongs are then used as a support undergarment in sports, like in the case of aerobics, whereas g-strings are worn to add sexiness, most especially during honeymoons and similar occasions.

In summary:

1. ‘Thongs’ encompass ‘g-strings’, for it is a bigger term than the latter.

2. Thongs are usually wider and thicker, not to mention stronger, than ordinary g-strings.

3. Thongs can be used as support undergarments for sport events, whereas g-strings are often used for ‘bed play.’

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