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Difference Between Baby Doll and Nightie

Baby Doll vs Nightie

More and more women now prefer using a special type of garment when sleeping. Other than wearing that same old usual home clothing for sleep, women use nighties and baby dolls for ease, comfort, and even for more aesthetic purposes. But how do these two popular night garments differ from each other?

First, there’s the baby doll. It is a type of nightgown garment popularized by the classic 1956 black comedy which was entitled “Baby Doll.” Today, this garment has evolved to become more erotic looking than ever thereby making it appear to be some form of lingerie because it fully exposes the woman’s legs and may even deliberately expose the breast area. In this connection, many baby dolls today are trimmed with special ribbons, furs, and ruffles.

Moreover, a baby doll’s skirt covers one’s hips and is typically tailored using see-through clothing material. Its lower half portion looks like a miniskirt. The baby doll is best worn with a matching undergarment which adds to its general appeal. Many baby dolls today are already sold together with complementing panties. Not surprisingly, though, many have been using baby dolls for other occasions such as parties.

Second, nighties are not too far away from baby dolls in terms of appearance. Also known as a nightdress or nightgown, nighties are usually the shorter length version of traditional nightgowns. These are often made of light see-through clothing but seem to be looser than baby dolls. Nylon, cotton, satin, and silk are popular fabric choices for nighties. Some nighties remain at hip length while the rest can reach as low as the floor level. Nevertheless, standard nighties have hems reaching the knee level. In addition, most nighties are plainly styled, but nowadays some variations are adorned with complicated embroidery and laces at the hem or bust area. This is probably one of the reasons why nighties are easily confused with baby dolls.


1.Most baby dolls are more sexy-looking than nighties. They are shorter garments with hems that are above the upper thigh level. Nighties, although some are at hip length, can go as far as floor length.
2.Most baby dolls have more intricate designs or embellishments. The typical nighties are plain without lace, embroidery, and other similar designs.
3.Baby dolls are a type of nightgown while nighties are more synonymous to the term “nightgown,” although many regard nighties as the shorter-length nightgowns.

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