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Difference Between Violin and Fiddle

violinA good and true woman is said to resemble a Cremona fiddle: age but increases its worth and sweetens its tone’ ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes

Although both fiddle and violin look similar in many ways, there are several differences exist. Generally, playing violin music represents beauty and power, whereas fiddling represents rhythmic energy and mystery. Fiddling is created for dancing and violin isn’t.

Violin is typically harder to play than fiddle. People go to violin performances to enjoy the music and the performances receive more concentration to play than fiddling. For most people, it is easier to learn fiddle music than violin. Violinists perform the music as they prepared and learnt, while fiddlers play improvisedly. Other than the way that is played, there is no difference between the two instruments itself.

Most learners start fiddle tab system when they start learning to play violin. Because it is easier to learn fiddle and learning to read violin music become easier as well.

Historically, people enjoyed the fiddle music as dance music, where they move their feet rhythmically to the sound. In ancient times, people considered fiddle as a cheap instrument, because poor people performed with home-made fiddles. These are people who cannot afford to go to music lessons and symphonies. These folks learned their traditional music tunes by ears at home or at barns. Violinists on the other hand were able to read music, but could not improvise.

Here is more background information on both fiddle and violin. Holding either violin or fiddle under the jaw makes the musician harder to talk and play at the same time. Therefore, these dancing fiddlers started to hold the instrument down on their arms rather than under the chin. Now, fiddlers can perform their dance moves easily, while playing the instrument comfortably.

Fiddle music was also combined with the pop culture and reborn by creating an opportunity for fiddlers to move to a higher level of music. Nowadays, both fiddlers and violinists acquire formal music education.

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  1. This post would benefit from audio examples, and a visual comparison of a violin and fiddle.

    • Visual makes no difference. As you can read from the article, they do not make one distinction on how they are different. Why? Because a fiddle is a violin. The only difference is one might lower the bridge on a fiddle.

      This article was not needed. It just explained how two music genres were different. Its like saying whats the difference between a classical piano and a jazz piano? Nothing. It should just be whats the difference vetween jazz and classical music. But then, that would be a useless article to write. Apples and oranges.

  2. This article could be improved by being deleted.
    Writing is awful and inaccurate. An accumulation of pseudo-knowledge and middle school band legends.
    Please stop lowering the world’s cumulative IQ.


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