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Difference Between Oakley Jupiter and Jupiter LX Sunglasses

Oakley Jupiter vs Jupiter LX Sunglasses

The Jupiter is a very popular line of sunglasses from Oakley. Its sub-model, the Jupiter LX, has gotten people asking how the two differ and sparking rumors about how one is bigger than the other. In truth, the two are just about the same size and the true difference between Jupiter and Jupiter LX sunglasses is the material they are made with. The frames of the Jupiter sunglasses are made with an O-matter material, which is some sort of nylon, while Jupiter LX frames are made out of acetate, which is a type of plastic.

The rumors about the size difference probably stems from the weight difference. Because acetate is much lighter than O-matter, the overall weight of the Jupiter LX frame is less than the weight of the Jupiter frame despite being of roughly the same size. Being light gives the Jupiter a bit of advantage as it makes the wearer comfortable, especially when wearing the sunglasses for extended periods of time. Or during physical activities, when constant motion may make heavier sunglasses move out of place.

There is also a difference on where these products are made, for those who really want to know. Jupiter frames are made in the US along with the lenses. On the other hand, Jupiter LX frames are made in Asia but still use the US made lenses that are on the Jupiter. Some people may question the quality of the Asia made Jupiter LX frames. But all Oakley products are held to the same high standard by the company and are not brought to market if considered sub-standard.

Aside from those stated above, there are no more differences between Oakley’s Jupiter and Jupiter LX sunglasses. The two use the same lenses and other accessories so you can freely interchange parts if you own both sunglasses. In the end, it’s all just an issue of weight. The Jupiter is good for people who feel comfortable with the weight or are not bothered by it. If you want a lighter, barely there, feel, the Jupiter LX fits just right for you.


1.Jupiter LX frames are made out of an acetate material while Jupiter frames are made out of O-matter material
2.Jupiter LX sunglasses are lighter than Jupiter sunglasses
3.Jupiter LX frames are made in Asia while Jupiter frames are made in the US

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