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dropWater Proof vs Water Resistant

The terms water proof and water resistant refer to the extent to which water is stopped from entering or leaving an object. The terms are often used for electronic and digital equipments or items. The correct definition of the term water proof is that the product completely resists the entry of water into it. On the other hand, water resistance means that the product has a capability of resisting water from entering into it to a certain extent. The level to which the entry of water is resisted can vary from product to product. These terms are very commonly used in the watches from a very long time.

Nowadays there are water resistant fabrics available. These are used in various domains like medical sciences, researches, and even in the manufacture of rain coats and other accessories which need to be used in rain, swimming, or aquatic environments. The water resistant fabrics are commonly used in the manufacture of swim suits, umbrellas, and rain coats. These fabrics prevent water from going in and keep the person dry in the environments in which the product is being used. But some fabrics which have more spaces in between the weavings get wet in heavy rains. So water repellant fabrics are better than the water resistant fabrics. On water repellant fabrics, due to the tight weaving, water does not go in and instead appears as beads on the surface and finally flows down.

When it comes to the electronics industry, when a product is labeled as water resistant, it means that the product can withstand the entry of water in normal situations like rain and snow. But these must not be taken out in heavy rains or submerged in water. If the product is water proof, it means that it can be submerged in water. The underwater camera cases, swimmer’s watches, and the like are water proof products. A water resistant watch can be used while cycling in the rain, fishing, and even in your normal day to day activities. A water proof watch can be used in your day to day activities as well as underwater diving and swimming.

The use of the term water proof is not used very commonly nowadays as it used to be earlier. This is in respect to the verification and investigations from the FTC, USA, on the accuracy of advertising and product labeling.

The level of resistance of a product to water depends on the type and quality of sealing being used. With longer periods of usage, wear and tear, and exposure to chemicals, the performance of the seals can be weakened.


1. Water resistant products resist the entry of water into it to a certain extent. Water proof products are completely resistant to the entry of water.
2. Water proof products can be taken under water or submerged in water without the fear of getting the product damaged. Water resistant products must not be submerged in water but can withstand environmental conditions like rain and snow.

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