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Difference Between Scratch Proof and Scratch Resistant

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In the present scenario, the terms ‘scratch proof’ and ‘scratch resistant’ are almost always used interchangeably. No matter how the manufacturer of a certain product claims it to be either scratch resistant or scratch proof, the consumers usually won’t notice any difference.

One thing is clear; there may be nothing in this world that can be considered as scratch proof. Any item that is being advertised on television for being scratch proof could have been correctly advertised if it was changed to scratch resistant. That’s why anything that you may come to know as scratch proof is nothing but scratch resistant.

Scratch proof is bigger a term compared to scratch resistant. If you will say that a certain material is scratch proof, it would mean that its quality has really been proven and tried for almost an infinite number of occasions. It has a certain unyielding toughness that is truly impenetrable to any opposing or resisting force.

Although both ‘scratch proof’ and ‘scratch resistant’ are terms used to describe firmness or ability to resist external factors, it is the scratch proof item that has the greatest resistance. If you are going to say that the eyeglasses are scratch proof then it will really be impossible for them to get scratched because of their complete resistance. On the contrary, if you’ll say that the eyeglasses are scratch resistant then the said items are only less likely to get scratched.

In coating glasses, lenses, watches, and screens, manufacturers use a scratch resistant film coat which does not affect the function and vision of the coated surface. The said scratch resistant coating will help avoid any minor scratches from occurring, just as the ones usually seen on regular lenses or glass screens. This anti-scratch coating just makes a surface more resistant. It is does not make it impenetrable or ultimately scratch proof.

In this regard, it may be safe to assume that almost all products that are deemed to be scratched proof are really just scratch resistant. Even the so-called scratch proof crystal watches, which are coated with both synthetic crystals and toughening agents can be scratched if not properly cared for.

Hence, it is better to say that the screen of your mobile phone is scratch resistant. If ever it was indeed scratch proof then you could freely place your naked gadget inside your pocket together with your car keys and expect it to have no scratches in the end.

Summary :
1.Scratch proof items are non-existent in this world. Only scratch resistant products really exist today.
2.Scratch proof is a bigger term than scratch resistant because the first has the greatest amount of resistance compared to the latter.
3.A scratch proof surface will not be scratched whereas a scratch resistant surface is only less likely to get scratched

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