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For women who are into fashion, lingerie is not just about the right kind of bra and panty, it is more on knowing the differences of the varied lingerie clothing that not only spell comfort but also some fashion sense. With this, lingerie like corset, bodies, basque and bustier have been developed to ensure that women will look beautiful and feel beautiful all at the same time. But basaque and bustier seem to be confusing to many. These are the reasons why.

Basque is actually a kind of under cloth that hugs the body. It is engineered to have a sort of boning to provide body support as well as a flattering for your torso. In its early usage, basques have been used to resemble long fitted jackets that either have V-shaped waist or a deep U design. Generally, the intention was to make the body appear slimmer by enabling it to look longer through the use of the basque.

Nowadays, the pattern is still the same for most basques but the designs are already far diverse. It grips the user’s body tightly providing additional lift to the bust. It also gives the torso a much slimmer, not to mention leaner physical appearance. Basques often come with stylish designed straps.

Basques have their own set of avid users but it is undeniable that bustiers have found the most number of users. The reason for this is because bustiers feel more comfortable to most women than using basques. Women even hail it as a more useful under cloth because it really gives them an hourglass-like body figure. Aside from this, it pushes the bust better providing a more comfortable lift. Bustiers are definitely sleeker than your typical basque. Nevertheless, wearing a bustier is also a tricky task. You must choose a well fit bustier because a very lose and an overly fitted one will make it harder to pull down. On top of it all, bustiers provide better support because it clenches the waist in a very stylistic fashion.

For many people, the terms basque and bustier may be new but in reality they are already age-old. Maybe you have already used one but never knew of its technical name. Most women know how to use these under cloths but the majority really doesn’t know how to identify each piece.

1. Basques are generally longer than bustiers because they extend down towards the waist bottom or the top hip portion while the latter only reaches as far as the rib bottom or the waist top.
2. Bustiers are figure forming (shape the tummy, bust and waist) while basques are figure enhancing (there’s only gentle shaping involved because the cloth simply follows the body’s natural curvature).
3. Bustiers are more popular than basques.

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