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Difference Between Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Curve

blackberry-stom-dbBlackberry Storm vs Blackberry Curve

The Blackberry Curve is RIMs show of effort to make the very popular Blackberry smart phones cheaper and more affordable to the greater population. It still retains most of the characteristics that made the Blackberry Bold a very successful smart phone while stripping the more advanced capabilities that raised the price of the Bold. On the other hand, the Storm is a big departure from the form and functionality of the popular Blackberry. It is just one of the huge number of iPhone-like mobile phones that swarmed the market after the success of the iPhone.

The Blackberry Curve is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard just like its more expensive siblings while the Curve has a touch screen LCD display occupying majority of the front area with just a handful of buttons at the bottom of the device. This difference carries a much bigger impact on the usability of both mobile phones. The keyboard of the Curve makes messaging a lot easier and faster compared to the on-screen keyboard of the Storm, where wrong presses are quite common and you need to concentrate on typing your message to avoid mistakes. The Storm is much better as a multimedia device as the bigger screen gives you more space to watch movies and the touch screen interface provides better controls for games.

When it comes to the functionality of the two as a mobile phone, the Storm is superior to the Curve due to the presence of 3G. Although this doesn’t really affect calls and text messaging that much, the Curve misses out on a lot of the new features that were introduced along with 3G. The Curve is also pretty slow when it comes to downloading files or sending messages because the fastest 2G data speed is just a fraction to that of 3G. The Curve makes this up by the presence of Wi-Fi, allowing users to connect to home networks or to the multitude of wireless access points available in most shops. The Storm lacks this capability and depends solely on the 3G network for high speed data access.


1. The Blackberry Curve is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard while the Storm is not.

2. The display of the Storm is touch sensitive while that of the Curve is not.

3. The Curve is still a business minded phone while the Storm is more of an entertainment or multimedia phone.

4. The Storm is a 3G device while the Curve is a 2G device.

5. The Curve has Wi-Fi while the Storm does not.

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