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Difference Between Blackberry Playbook and Apple iPad

Blackberry Playbook vs Apple iPad

The iPad created an all new niche in the gadget market as a device that is somewhere between a phone and a computer. It has limited capabilities compared to a computer but is good enough as a multimedia platform. The Playbook from Blackberry is a device that has been once dubbed as the Blackpad because it is intended to be a competitor to the iPad. The main difference between them is size as the playbook is smaller than the iPad. Being smaller has the advantage of being more portable and easier to hold in-hand while the bigger iPad benefits from a bigger screen; 9 inches to the Playbook’s 7 inches.

As most people know by now, different devices run on different operating systems. The iPad has the iOS while the Playbook has Blackberry’s Tablet OS. The iOS has been around for quite some time and there are a lot of applications for it. On the other hand, Blackberry’s tablet OS is very new and there are few software applications for it although it is said to enable compatibility with Blackberry’s smartphone OS. A major problem that most people have with the iPad is its lack of Flash support. The Playbook has a browser that supports Flash and even HTML5 and is a closer experience to browsing the internet on a computer.

Connectivity with both devices is mainly achieved via their wireless adapters, which supports all currents standards. The iPad has the upper hand in this area though as there are models with 3G capabilities that can serve as an alternative when WiFi is unavailable. It may cost a bit more but for some people, it may be the only way to go.

It has become standard for most devices nowadays to have at least one camera but many have two; one at the back and another at the front. The Playbook has a high resolution camera at the back but, most notably, has a 3 megapixel camera at the front. Aside from video calling, it can serve very well for taking pictures like vanity shots. The iPad does not have any camera of sorts so picture taking or video calling is immediately out of the picture.


  1. The iPad is a bigger device than the Playbook
  2. The iPad has the iOS while the Playbook has the Blackberry Tablet OS
  3. The iPad lacks Flash support while the Playbook has it
  4. The iPad has 3G capability while the Playbook doesn’t
  5. The Playbook has two HD cameras while the iPad only has one

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