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Difference Between Canon EOS 50D and EOS 60D

Canon EOS 50D vs EOS 60D

The line-up of DSLR cameras that the EOS 50D belongs to is among the most versatile. Its users range from enthusiasts, semi-pro, and eve professional users who want a small and light secondary camera. Its successor, the EOS 60D, retains many of the 50D’s characteristics but also changes some. The main difference between the 50D and 60D is sensor resolution. While the 50D already has a respectable 15.1 megapixel sensor, the 60D increases this a bit more to about 17.9 megapixels. It is also a lot more sensitive to light, doubling the ISO range from 100-1600 to 100-3200 for better low light shooting scenarios.

The EOS 60D is also the first in the line to have video recording capabilities; offering the full array of video resolution choices from 480p, 720p, and even the full 1080p HD resolution. Video recording is not integral to function of DSLRs but it is always nice to have the feature when you need it.

Another change is in how the screen of the 60D is articulated. Unlike the fixed screen of the 50D, it can be moved and rotated on the hinge located on the side in order to achieve the best angle for viewing the LCD screen even when the camera is held at odd angles. It is also very useful in the added video recording mode.

Instead of the Compact Flash cards used by the 50D and even other cameras on the higher end of the spectrum, the 60D uses SD cards and the newer variants. This is quite advantageous for enthusiasts as SD cards are quite cheaper and are more readily available.

Lastly, the 60D abandons the magnesium alloy body of the 50D and goes with a polycarbonate composite material. On one hand, the 60D loses the solid feel that you get with the 50D. But on the other hand, the 60D is lighter and less strenuous to use for long periods.


1.The 60D has a higher resolution sensor than the 50D
2.The 60D has a wider ISO range than the 50D
3.The 60D is able to record video while the 50D isn’t
4.The 60D has an articulated screen while the 50D doesn’t
5.The 60D uses SD cards while the 50D uses Compact Flash
6.The 60D body is made out of polycarbonate material while the 50D body is made out of magnesium alloy

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