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Difference Between Nikon D90 and D300

d300_camera_nikon_amNikon D90 vs. D300

The Nikon D90 is an affordable SLR camera that comes pretty close to the much pricier D300, which is also from Nikon. There are differences between the two that is part of the reason for the lower price, and may or may not be an issue with the user. A big difference between the two is the material used in the body. The D90 is made out of a polycarbonate material, while the D300 uses a magnesium alloy, which is both durable and light. The D300 can take a little bit more of a beating than the D90.

The D300 has an edge after the image is taken, as the user has the option to employ 14-bit image processing; unlike the D90, which is only capable of 12-bit image processing. When employed, more of the data is retained while the image is being processed, resulting in an overall better output image. Another key difference between the two, that might be a clincher for some users, is the continuous shooting mode. The D90 is only capable of achieving 4.5 frames per second using this mode, while the D300 can do 6 frames per second. This can even be raised to 8 frames per second using an optional MB-D10 battery grip.

The D90 and D300 differ in the type of memory that they accept. Like most of the digital SLRs on the mid and high end of the market, the D300 uses CompactFlash memory due to its fast writing speed that contributes to the camera’s performance. The D90 uses SD memory cards, which you are more likely to find in point and shoot cameras. SD memory cards are fairly cheap and easy to come by, making them a good choice for beginners who are yet to master the art of photography.

As a much newer camera, the D90 features a few image processing features that you will not find in the D300. These include ‘Filter Effects’, ‘Distortion Control’, ‘Quick Retouch’ , and a few others.


1. The D90 has a polycarbonate body, while the D300 body is made out of a magnesium alloy.

2. The D90 can only do 12-bit image processing, while the D300 is capable of 14-bit image processing.

3. The D90 can shoot continuously at 4.5fps, while the D300 can do 6fps, or even 8fps.

4. The D90 supports SD memory cards, while the D300 uses CompactFlash memory cards.

5. The D90 offers more image processing options compared to the D300.

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