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Difference Between Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D700

Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II and the Nikon D700 are professional level DSLR cameras that serve the high end of the camera market. The most significant and most noticeable difference between the two is in their respective sensors. The D700 has more traditional 12 megapixel sensor while the 5D Mark II has an excessive 21 megapixel sensor. Though the extremely high resolution can be useful when doing big printouts, like billboard big, it isn’t really practical for most uses. Taking shots with the 5D Mark II at full resolution would also rapidly fill your memory cards as the file sizes can be quite big.

Another thing that the 5D Mark has over the D700 is its ability to shoot full HD video; the D700 is not able to shoot video at all. HD video recording on a DSLR might seem like a novelty but the 5D Mark II has proven that its ability to shoot video is not half baked. It’s been used to exclusively shoot an episode of the American hit series House, just to prove that it can compete with mainstream camcorders.

Despite being overshadowed in new features, the D700 does have some fine points that photographers can appreciate. The D700 is able to shoot continuously at 5 frames per second or up to 8 fps with the use of an optional grip. On the other hand, the 5D Mark II is only able to shoot at a paltry 3.5 fps. The faster continuous shooting speed is a huge advantage in action photography.

Another positive aspect of the D700 is its ability to use DX lenses in crop mode. This gives the D700 user a much varied choice when it comes to lenses. The 5D Mark II is not able to use EF-S lenses of any type and users are pretty much limited to EF lenses. The D700 is also equipped with a built-in pop-up flash that can help when you need a little bit more light in your shot. The 5D Mark II lacks a built-in flash, forcing users to bring an external flash or to forego the flash altogether.


1. The 5D Mark II is equipped with a 21 megapixel sensor while the D700 only has a 12 megapixel sensor

2. The 5D Mark II is able to record 1080p video while the D700 is not

3. The 5D Mark II is slower at shooting continuous stills compared to the D700

4. The 5D Mark II is not able to work EF-S lenses while the D700 can use DX lenses

5. The 5D Mark II does not have a built-in flash while the D700 does

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  1. You can use EF-S lenses on the 5DMKII but they will not be cropped, you will need to do it manually on your computer. But everything else will work, it’s the same contact. Thought, your auto focus will be messed up since it will fill and analyze larger part of your image, depending of the lens, so it will not react like on a APS-C body.

  2. I’ve just upgraded from an EOS 30D to an EOS 5D Mk II and I must say I’m very impressed with the results so far, just waiting to have my first serious shoot with it!

  3. The D700’s ability to use DX lenses is NOT an advantage, that is absolute nonsense! When you mount a DX lens on the d700, the image is cropped to 5 megapixels which is pretty pathetic. You’d be better off with a proper FX lens. And, being limited to EF lenses is NOT an disadvantage. Canon has a massive selection of EF lenses, ranging from mid-range to high end fast ‘L’ primes and superb telephotos. Nikon also has a large selection of lenses but not as large although they do have the advantage in wide-angle zooms, namely the 14-24. And, the resolution advantage is NOT just useful for printing billboards and inpractical for most users. A picture from the 5d mark ii downsized to 12 megapixels is much SHARPER than a picture from ANY 12 megapixel body. The per pixel sharpness of a 5d mark ii downsized to 12mp is much sharper than the d700. What you ALSO failed to mention is what i feel is the biggest advantage the d700 has over the 5d mark ii, autofocus. The d700 utilises the 51 af point multicam3500fx system, the best in the world and only rivalled by the 1d mark 4. Its the same system used in higher end cameras such as the d3 and absolutely wonderful for continous focus tracking. It just bites on your target and refuses to let go, making the antiquated autofocus used on the 5d mark ii seem like a dog in comparism

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