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Difference Between Canon EOS T2i and EOS T3i

Canon EOS T2i vs EOS T3i

The EOS T3i from Canon is the camera model that directly followed the T2i. Although most people expect an increase in resolution or a better processor with a new model, Canon decided to go a different route and retained the specs of the old one but peppered it with new features. The most noticeable difference between the T2i and T3i is the articulated screen on the T3i. Unlike the fixed screen on the T2i, the T3i screen swivels to the left and rotates. This gives you the freedom to shot at any angle and still be able to see your subject clearly with the use of live view. You do not have to crouch if your camera is mounted on a low tripod.

The T3i also incorporates a wireless flash controller, eliminating the need of buying one. It works with two of the more inexpensive flash models that Canon provides or with the higher end ones. With the T2i, a wireless adaptor is needed if you want to remotely trigger your flashes.

The T3i abounds when it comes to new features that are absent in the T2i. The first one is multi-aspect ratio. Most Canon DSLRs, including the T2i, shoot at a fixed aspect ratio of 4:3. The addition of multi-aspect ratio means that T3i users can choose between 4:3, 16:9, or 1:1 when shooting their subject. Another addition is the Basic+ and Creative filters. The Basic+ features make it easier to certain shots without really knowing the concepts behind it; allowing beginners to take the photos they like without too much trouble. Creative filters are applied after the photo is taken, giving you some editing options without needing to go to a computer.

Full Auto is a feature that is available in the T2i, and other Canon cameras, that relinquish all control to the camera. In the T3i, this has been changed into Scene Intelligent Auto. Canon claims that this is a more sophisticated analysis of the subject and its background. The analysis then lets the camera choose the best settings to shoot with.

Clearly, the goal of the T3i is not to provide a camera that is significantly better than the T2i; but a camera that is significantly easier to user and learn. The easier learning curve is of great help to newbies who mat get frustrated with other cameras.


1.The T3i has an articulated screen while the T2i doesn’t
2.The T3i has an integrated wireless flash controller while the T2i doesn’t
3.The T3i supports multi-aspect ratio while the T2i doesn’t
4.The T3i features Basic+ and Creative filters while the T2i doesn’t
5.The T2i’s Full Auto mode has been replaced with Scene Intelligent Auto in the T3i

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