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Difference between Nikon D7100 and Canon Rebel T3

Nikon D7100 vs Canon Rebel T3

Whenever it comes to a comparison between DSLR cameras, there will always be a duel between the two DSLR superpowers – Canon and Nikon. While considering the mid-level or entry level cameras from these two reliable DSLR brands, the Nikon D700 and the Canon Rebel T3 (also known as the EOS 1100D) comes in focus. Let’s check out these two great models and the basic differences between them in the light of professional photography.

The Canon EOS 1100D is a great model featuring a comparatively faster shooting speed when on the highest resolution and it can shoot at 10 fps compared to the 6 fps shooting speed of the Nikon D7100. The resolution of the screen is comparatively low than the Nikon D7100 with lower pixel density. However, the sensor in the Canon EOS 1100D is quite large and the model is also very lighter than the D7100. It weighs only 495 g, compared to the 675 g weight of the Nikon D7100. The device is narrower than the D7100 and also occupies lesser space. To speak from a professional’s point of view, this is more of an amateur’s camera than a mid-level photographer’s model.

The Nikon D7100 clearly appears to be the smarter of the two. It features an Auto Focus tracking system, which is not available in the EOS 1100D. It has a 25% faster flash X-sync and this is really great when you want to avoid motion blur or flash-fill objects which have a high backlight. The focus points are a lot higher than the EOS 1100D standing at 51 compared to the 9 focus points in the EOS 1100D. It features a GPS which is very useful in navigation or geo tagging. This camera model is dustproof and water resistant. The maximum shutter speed is almost twice faster than the EOS 1100D, which is a great feature as well. The D7100 offers higher megapixel image, which is 24.1 MP. The screen size is larger than the EOS 1100D and the pixel density of the screen is also higher. The best part of the Nikon D7100 is that – it offers Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to upload your favorite images on the web. If you are planning to stay with your camera for a longer period and wish to peek in to a little more professional world of photography, this can be a great choice for you.

Key Differences between Nikon D7100 & Canon Rebel T3:

The EOS 1100D is an entry level camera, whereas the Nikon D7100 is more of a mid-level model.
The EOS 1100D is a lot lighter and smaller than the D7100.
The D7100 features GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity, which is not available in the EOS 1100D.
The D7100 features more focus points than the EOS 1100D.
The Nikon D7100 is dustproof and waterproof.
The Nikon D7100 offers faster shutter speed than the EOS 1100D.
The maximum photo resolution in the D7100 is 24.1 MP whereas that of EOS 1100D is 12.6 MP.

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