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Difference Between Canon XSI and Canon 50D

canon_50d_pdCanon XSI vs Canon 50D

When purchasing a new camera, various features, advantages and differences should be considered. Canon offers a variety of camera models, and two of these are the XSI and the 50D. There are quite a few significant differences between these two cameras, and in fact, they are meant for different photography requirements.

Those who are just beginning with photography, and who are still at an entry level, will do better with the Canon XSI than the 50D, as the 50D is more professional, and generally used by those who have some experience with using various photographic features and tools.

The Canon XSI is not quite as advanced as the Canon 50D. It has a slightly lower resolution, and is slower in frames/sec when on RAW. The 50D is much faster in all these aspects, and it also has a higher ISO and a faster FPS. In general, both of the camera models produce exceptionally good picture quality, however, the 50D is better, especially if you will be shooting a lot of pictures at night, or if you want to use the camera for high quality sports photographs. The 50D produces professional quality pictures.

The Canon XSI is smaller in size, and much lighter when compared to the 50D. The 50D is quite heavy, and may not be comfortable for everyone to use and carry around. Durability is another factor to be considered, and the 50D is known to be more sturdy, and last longer than the XSI.

For most people, the price of the product is quite important, and since the Canon 50D has a higher price tag than the Canon XSI, you will need to carefully consider the extra features of the 50D, and decide whether you will really need them or not.


The Canon XSI is smaller, lighter and easier to handle than the Canon 50D.

The Canon XSI is more suitable for those who are beginners in photography; the 50D is better for those who are already familiar with high end professional features.

The 50D has more advanced features; the XSI does not have as many features.

The 50D costs almost twice as much as the XSI.

The 50D is more sturdy and durable compared to the XSI. The XSI may get damaged quite easily if it is not used with care.

Those who are planning to travel may like the XSI due to its compact size.

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