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iPad vs Bluetack

Since the release of the iPad, it has spawned a number of comparisons with other products. Although most are pretty serious at pointing out advantages and disadvantages, there are some that are simply meant to humor people while pointing out the more serious shortcomings of the device. The comparison between the iPad and Bluetack, or Blu-Tack, is one of those that belong to the latter rather than the former. The iPad is a tablet multimedia device that is able to do most of the common activities that you do on a laptop or computer. On the other hand, for those who do not know, bluetack is actually sticky putty that is commonly used to stick paper to almost any surface; one of the many uses of bluetack. As you may have already figured out, the two are worlds apart and has nothing in common with each other.

The comparison between the iPad and bluetack is merely a joke that is meant to ridicule the iPad. The main imagery of the joke is a checklist that gives one point to the iPad and one point to the bluetack, making them equals. The joke is meant to target the lack of multitasking in the iPad. Multitasking is the ability to have more than one applications running at the same time and switching between them whenever the user pleases. All modern personal, even laptops and tablets, have the ability to multitask. Users take advantage of multitasking to do other things while waiting for another program to finish what it’s doing.

The iPad has a modified type of multitasking where only a few types of applications are allowed to run at the same time. Other applications get paused whenever you switch to other applications and would only continue to run once you switch back to them. This was done to improve the user experience. It is not uncommon for users to open too many applications and causing the computer to bog down. This would not happen with the iPad due to the limitation imposed.


1. iPad is a multimedia tablet device while bluetack is an adhesive that comes in putty form

2. The comparison between the iPad and bluetack is a joke

3. Bluetack has many uses while the iPad lacks multitasking

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