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iPad vs MacBook

The iPad is a relatively new offering from Apple that aims to serve another niche in the mobile computing market; somewhere between a MacBook and an iPhone. While the MacBook is a full fledge laptop, the iPad is merely a multimedia device that can offer most of the MacBook’s functionality but not all.

Overall, the specs of the iPad are much lower compared to that of the MacBook. It sports the same A4 processor that is being used in the latest iPhone while the MacBook uses a dual core Intel processor. The MacBook also has a bigger screen, bigger hard drive, better graphics, and more. Despite all that, the iPad does have its own perks. It’s form factor is a plus since you can use it virtually anywhere since you would not need to place it on your lap or any stable surface. It is also smaller and sleeker than the MacBook.

The iPad uses iOS, an operating system that was developed for the iPhone and is used by the iPod as well. As such, the iPad shares the same applications as the two mentioned devices. On the other hand, the MacBook runs on Mac OS X, a computer operating system used by all Macs. This is a more complex and advanced operating system with better capabilities than iOS. Because of the different operating systems, you cannot use the applications for one on the other.

The iPad is totally enclosed with only the necessary ports left open. You cannot disassemble the unit or replace any part without voiding the warranty. Although the same is mostly true for the MacBook, there are parts that can be easily replaced or upgraded by the user. This includes the battery, hard drive, and memory.

A feature which has become important in majority of handheld devices, including the iPad, is 3G connectivity. This allows the user to have internet access without having to connect to a Wi-Fi access point. Although the MacBook has Wi-Fi, it does not have 3G connectivity as standard or as an option. But you can purchase third party USB modems that can provide 3G access.

1. The iPad is a multimedia device while the MacBook is a laptop
2. The iPad has inferior specs compared to the MacBook
3. The iPad is sleeker and more compact than the MacBook
4. The iPad runs on iOS while the MacBook uses the Mac OS X
5. The iPad is not upgradeable while the MacBook is
6. The iPad has 3G capabilities while the MacBook does not

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