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Difference between IPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

IPhone 5 vs. Nokia Lumia 920

Apple has released iPhone5 and Nokia after being acquired by Microsoft, has released Lumia 920 and it is the first phone with Windows phone 8. In spite of being a higher end smart phone, both of them have their own set of distinct features which gives them an edge in the market. In pursuit of achieving the ease of use, both these phones have evolved in terms of their size, shape, weight and the feature set. While iPhone 5 made of glass and aluminum weighs about 3.95oz, Lumia 920 made of polycarbonate is larger and weighs 6.53oz.

With the size differences comes the difference in display. Nokia Lumia has a wider display and higher screen resolution, while iPhone is sleek and has comparatively smaller display and lesser screen resolution. One distinct difference is the camera. Nokia Lumia 920 comes with 8.7 mega pixel camera with Dual LED flash lights. The other camera related features in Nokia Lumia 920 are, Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Auto focus, Touch to focus, Optical image stabilization, Exposure compensation, White balance presets, Digital zoom, Geo tagging. It has a front camera of 1.3 mega pixel. It also supports MPEG4 and H.264 recording. Whereas, iPhone5 has 8 mega pixel camera and a single LED flash. The front camera is 1.2 mega pixels and does not have MPEG4 or H.264 recording support. Apart from the features of camera like BSI, auto focus, iPhone5 has High Dynamic Range mode (HDR) and Panorama mode of taking shots. iPhone has better color representation when compared to Lumia 920. Apart from these, Lumia also offers two stage shutter key. Two stage shutter key allows a half press of the shutter, which activates the auto focus and the light meter of the camera and so as to achieve correct exposure and focus for the photo.

Nokia Lumia has the Synaptic based touchscreen that allows the usage of objects like pen for touch screen navigation.

The gallery apps are more or less the same in both the phones. Both support the basic photo editing functionalities like crop, re size, rotate and red eye removal. Similarly, the music players also come with the same set of functionalities and features in both the phones. In case of video players, Lumia can play DivX/Xvid files up to 1080 definition whereas a third party tool is required to support such formats in iPhone5.

iOS comes with better multitasking handling when compared to that of Windows Phone. iOS automatically suspends the running apps and removes the memory allocation for the same. This means, we need not have a watch on the running apps list, at the same time, we might not be able to go back to the previous state of the app.

iPhone 5’s siri is extremely superior when compared to the TellMe based voice client in Lumia. The basic internal storage for iPhone 5 is 16B but its 32GB for Lumia 920. Models of iPhone 5 with increased internal memory come with increased cost.

The web browser in iPhone 5 is Safari. It is lighting fast and comes with options like Reader mode, which removes the extras from the website and makes it easier for reading. Though the Internet Explorer in Windows Phone is fast, it does not perform well with sites which have heavy Javascript. Build-in online services include Facebook, Youtube(upload), Picasa/Google+, Twitter in Lumia, whereas iPhone supports only Youtube(upload) for the build in category.

Nokia Lumia comes with 2000mAh battery, which means better battery life but longer time to charge. IPhone 5 comes with 1400mAh. Lumia also offers wireless charging. Call quality is pretty much the same with both the phones.

Both the handsets support LTE radio, Bluetooth, DLNA and A-GPS. Apart from these, Nokia Lumia supports NFC too. For wired connectivity, Lumia offers microUSB ports and iPhone offers Lighting adapter through which we can connect to a TV using HDMI.

In net, these two phones are more or less similar and packed with features and utilities.

To summarize:

Nokia Lumia 920 is slightly bigger and weighs a little more than the iPhone 5.
Nokia Lumia 920 has a wider screen and better resolution, but the color representation is better in iPhone5.
Nokia Lumia 920 has better Camera and video recording options compared to the iPhone5
Nokia Lumia 920 has better battery life compared to iPhone 5.
Nokia Lumia 920 has better built in memory when compared to the basic iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 still has a larger apps ecosystem when compared to the Windows phone apps
With the support for NFC(Near Field Communication), simple wireless transactions are possible in Nokia Lumia 920. This support does not exist in iPhone 5
Extremely good set of camera related features like two stage shutter key, dual LEDs, manual exposure, built-in optical image stabilization, etc., makes Nokia Lumcia 920 an inevitable choie.

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