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Difference Between Nokia e72 and e73

Nokia e72 vs e73

The overall silhouette of the Nokia e73 still has the same design, features, look, and feel of its predecessor. The new model has slight changes in its dimension (113.8 x 58.4 x 10.2 mm.) compared to the Nokia e72. The e73 model is thinner and is slightly wider than its predecessor. When both the models are compared, it is found that there are no substantial changes in the design; however, here are few changes made in the newer model.

The screen resolution of both phones is still the same with 320 x 240 pixels. The e73 has a bigger screen size (2.36 inch) than the e72 model (2.4 inch). Both have a TFT 16 million colors.

The RAM on an e72 mode is 128 MB while an e73 has a RAM of 256MB. The processor speed on both phones is the same. There is not much difference in the features of both phones except for the dimensions and the standby/talk time. The standby time of an e72 mode is 480h/12h 30 min. whereas an e73 has a standby/talk time of 384h/13h.

Some of the similar features in both the phones are a 5MP camera, 2592×1944 pixels, LED flash, QWERTY keyboard, and optical track pad, MicroSD card slot, with a maximum of 16 GB and hotswap.

The battery is also the same in both phones with a Li-Po 1500mAh standard battery pack.

There is no substantial change in the newer version of the e73 when compared to its predecessor. However, the phone is a good deal for $70 in a 2-year contract.


1. The e73 is thinner and slightly wider than the Nokia e72.

2. The battery standby/talk time of an e73 is 384h/13h whereas the Nokia e72 has a

battery standby/talk time of 480h/12h 30 min.

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