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Differences Between Nokia X3-02 and Nokia N8

Nokia X3-02 vs Nokia N8

The X3-02 and N8 from Nokia are two very different phones. The former is a feature phone while the latter is a smartphone. To be more accurate about the differences between the two, a feature phone is a classification of phones that do not have the same capabilities as a smartphone. So, while a feature phone like the X3-02 can serve pretty well as a phone, it cannot do a lot of things that a smartphone like the N8 can do. You cannot install apps, aside from Java apps, and you cannot freely configure the interface.

With the hardware, it is clearly apparent how the two differ. The N8 has a large, multi-touch screen display dominating the whole face of the phone. In comparison, the X3-02 has a smaller, touch-capable screen and a typical alphanumeric keypad. The X3-02 is perfect for those who want to have a touch capable device but are still reliant on the trusty keypad. The lacking hardware of the X3-02 works for those who want small phones, though, as it is significantly smaller than the N8 in height, width, and even thickness. Even the weight of the X3-02 is half that of the N8.

When it comes to the camera, the difference between the X3-02 and the N8 is like night and day. The N8 has a 12 megapixel camera that has excellent optics, autofocus, and can record HD-quality video. In comparison, the X3-02 has a 5 megapixel camera with fixed focus and can only record VGA-quality video at a mere 15 frames per second.

GPS is a feature that has become a staple in smartphones. The N8 has an A-GPS module for faster satellite locks, but the X3-02 does not have any GPS capability so you can’t use the X3-02 as an alternative navigation device.

In conclusion, the X3-02 is a no-fuss phone that lets you do a bit more. It is perfect for those who want a simple phone that is easy to use. For those who want the best features, the N8 is the only way to go.


1. The X3-02 is a feature phone while the N8 is a smartphone.
2. The X3-02 has a keypad while the N8 doesn’t.
3. The X3-02 is smaller and lighter than the N8.
4. The X3-02 doesn’t have GPS while the N8 does.
5. The N8 has a much better camera than the X3-02.
6. The N8 has much more memory than the X3-02,

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