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Difference Between iPhone and i9 Phone

iPhone vs i9 Phone

The iPhone is beyond doubt the most popular mobile phone nowadays. This has led a lot of mobile phone makers to start introducing similar technologies to the iPhone. The i9 phone from CECT is basically a flat out copy of the look and feel of the iPhone but with some very major differences in terms of functionality. There is one very major difference when we compare this phone to the latest iPhone models. It is only a 2G capable handset while iPhones have added 3G capabilities a few models back. It is also good to point out that i9 does not have access to the great number of applications that you can get for the iPhone via the Apple App store.

Despite the huge shortcomings of the i9, it does add some features that you don’t see in the iPhone, now or in anytime in the near future. The i9 has an integrated FM radio that you can use in case you get tired of your own playlists. The i9 also has dual SIM slots so you can use two SIM cards at the same time. This is like having to phones in one since you can receive messages or calls from either SIM card. Lastly, the i9, like most other phones, have expandable memory via a card slot. The iPhone does not let you use memory cards but has ample memory embedded since it comes in 16 and 32 gigabyte versions.

If you are looking for features that are specific to the iPhone like the applications or you simply want to have a decent phone, the original iPhone totally wins against the clone. If you really do not care about the features and all you want is something that looks and feels like the iPhone, the i9 can be bought at a much lower price.


1. The iPhone is the original product from Apple while the i9 is an iPhone clone from CECT

2. The latest iPhone is a 3G phone while the i9 is only 2G capable

3. The i9 does not have access to the Apple App store for the iPhone

4. The i9 has an FM radio while the iPhone does not

5. The i9 can utilize 2 SIMs at the same time while the iPhone cannot

6. The i9 has expandable memory while the iPhone does not

7. The i9 is much cheaper compared to the iPhone

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