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Difference Between iPod Touch 2G and 3G

iPod Touch 2G vs 3G

The iPod Touch is sort of an oddball product since it doesn’t really resemble other iPod models; it is more like an iPhone without the phone capabilities. It has gone through a few updates denoted by its generations. One of the most major jumps is from the 2G to the 3G. The main difference between the iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 3G is the inclusion of a faster processor and more memory in the latter. With double the amount of RAM and roughly 35% more processing power, the iPod Touch is able to handle more demanding iOS applications like games.

The iPod Touch 3G is also equipped with a newer and more powerful GPU than the iPod Touch 2G. The GPU is responsible for rendering images on screen, whether be it 2D or 3D. The better GPU of the iPod Touch 3G lets it handle more graphically demanding applications like 3D games. Thus, some games may be playable on the iPod Touch 3G but not in the iPod Touch 2G because the latter cannot cope with the requirements.

Of course, with more powerful hardware comes increased power consumption. This is quite noticeable when you look at the number of hours it can play music; 30 hours for the iPod Touch 3G and 36 hours for the iPod Touch 2G, this is despite the 6% higher capacity of the iPod Touch 3G’s battery.

Lastly, the iPod Touch 3G copes with the ever-increasing need for storage. While the iPod Touch 2G comes in models up to 32GB, the iPod Touch 3G has a 64GB model along with lower-capacity ones. This is very important as all Apple products do not have memory card slots, and you are basically stuck with the capacity that your model came with.

The iPod Touch 3G has more in common with the latest model than the iPod Touch 2G which has more in common with the first generation iPod Touch.


1.The iPod Touch 3G has a faster processor and more memory than the iPod Touch 2G.
2.The iPod Touch 3G uses a newer GPU than the iPod Touch 2G.
3.The iPod Touch 3G has a bigger battery but shorter battery life than the iPod Touch 2G.
4.The iPod Touch 3G comes in a 64GB model while the iPod Touch 2G does not.

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