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Difference Between iPad and iPod Touch

iPad vs iPod Touch

It is certainly amazing how Apple manages to create very similar devices yet is still able to market them as discrete and different devices. The iPad and iPod Touch are two examples of this as the two are very similar in form and function. The main difference between the two is their intended purpose. The iPad is a tablet that focuses on Internet browsing, movie viewing, and similar activities. In comparison, the iPod Touch is a personal media player suitable for use on the go.

The biggest difference between the two, which also supports their respective uses, is their size. At more than four times the size of the iPod Touch, the iPad provides a significant viewing area so that you can easily watch videos with your friends. It also lets you browse the Internet without needing to zoom in and out all the time. The small size of the iPod Touch’s screen doesn’t have the advantages of the iPad’s. What it does have, though, is portability. At no bigger than a typical smartphone, it is very easy to slip the iPod Touch into a pocket. You can operate it with one hand just about anywhere without worrying that you’ll drop it.

With the iPad, you can opt for a model with 3G connectivity so that you can still have Internet access even when you are not within WiFi range of your typical hangouts. There is no 3G option with the iPod Touch so you are basically limited to offline use whenever you don’t have access to a WiFi router.

With the second version of the iPad, the A5 dual-core processor was introduced. This processor provides significant performance which gives the iPad a slight edge especially with iOS4 providing slightly more room for multitasking. The latest version of the iPod Touch still carries the single-core A4 processor also found on the iPhone. It is not as powerful as the A5 processor but still lets the iPod Touch do all of its functions well enough. It is yet to be known, though, if the iPod Touch will have a new version due to its very close similarity with the iPhone.


1.The iPad is a tablet while the iPod Touch is a personal media player.
2.The iPad is much bigger than the iPod Touch.
3.The iPad can have 3G connectivity while the iPod Touch cannot.
4.The iPad has a dual-core processor while the iPod Touch doesn’t.

Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

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