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Difference Between LG Viewty and LG Viewty Lite

viewtyLG Viewty vs LG Viewty Lite

The Viewty is a touch screen mobile phone from LG that looks like a lot of the recent touch screen phones flooding the market. A later version called Viewty II was released and the original Viewty sets that were being manufactured was repackaged and renamed into the Viewty Lite. Technically, the Viewty and Viewty lite are exactly identical and there was absolutely nothing changed on the phone aside from the name. But the same cannot be said about the whole package.

The Viewty came with a few extra accessories in the box like a headset and USB cable. These things are absent on the Viewty Lite but can be purchased separately. LG has also repriced the Viewty lite in order to reflect the changes and the relative age of the mobile phone. Needless to say, it is cheaper to both the original Viewty and the Viewty II.

With all that said, the Viewty lite is still a very capable mobile phone. The 3.0 inch touch screen that dominates the front of the device is quite large, though not the biggest you can get. It is also 3G capable and can download at HSDPA speed which is much faster than the usual UMTS networks, if your network supports it. You can use this speed to download media or to browse the internet with the provided browser. The camera of the Viewty and Viewty lite is also quite capable. It has a 5 megapixel sensor that can capture images up to a resolution of 2592 by 1944 pixels and uses the optics of a Schneider-Kreuznach lens.

There is really no tangible difference between the Viewty and the Viewty lite since they are exactly identical. You probably cannot get any of the original Viewty package as the Viewty Lite package has replaced it. Even if you can get a Viewty, purchasing a Viewty lite still has its advantages, especially if you already have cables and headsets. You would also have the freedom of choice in case you would like to have a better headset from another manufacturer.

1. The LG Viewty and Viewty Lite phones are exactly identical
2. The Vewty was repackaged and relabeled into the Viewty Lite with the introduction of the Viewty II
3. The Viewty Lite no longer comes with the same items as the Viewty did
4. The Viewty Lite is priced lower than the original Viewty

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