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lg-env3LG Env2 vs Env3

The Env2 and Env3 are the later revisions of the original Env phone from LG which was intended for messaging fanatics. The most significant change from the Env2 to the Env3 is 3G support via EV-DO. The Env2 would only work with the slower CDMA network. Since it is 3G, you also get a lot of the services that can only be available in 3G mobile phones. But keep in mind that some of these features mean extra charges in your phone bill.

When it comes to the hardware, the sizes of both the internal and external screens of the Env3 have been increased. Although the increases were less than a quarter of an inch for both, users appreciate the bigger screen and clearer text. The camera of the Env3 have also been improved with a 3.0 megapixel sensor, a lot better than the 2.0 megapixel sensor of the Env2. The images taken with the Env3 are a lot better compared to the Env2. The keyboard of the Env3 have also been modified and improved to make it easier for the user to send text messages quickly. The space bar has also been moved to the center since its location in the Env2 confused a lot of users. LG also color coded some keys which are used for gaming to make it easier for users to figure out where to put their fingers.

The Env3 now features a full HTML browser that lets you browse the internet just as you would with a computer. You would simply zoom in or out to certain areas of the page to read the text. The Env2 is equipped with a WAP browser only. Its a very limited browser which can only open and view WAP sites.

The Env3 brings the Env phones of LG into the future of mobile phones by adding 3G support. The full HTML browser immediately takes advantage of the inherent speed of the 3G network. Almost all aspects of the Env2 were improved when implemented on the Env3. And between the Env2 and Env3, the Env3 is the obvious choice.

1.The Env3 supports 3G while the Env2 only works with 2G
2.The Env3 has slightly larger screens compared to the Env2
3.The Env3 has a 3.0 megapixel camera while the Env2 only has a 2.0 megapixel camera
4.The Env3 keyboard has been improved
5.The Env3 has a full HTML browser while the Env2 only has a WAP browser

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