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Difference Between LG Decoy and LG Decoy Limited Edition

lg-decoy1LG Decoy vs LG Decoy Limited Edition

The LG Decoy is a very innovative mobile phone that incorporates a bluetooth headset into the phone itself. The limited edition Decoy was released just around a month later and contains no difference compared to the previous one. The limited edition model just comes with an additional hardware, which is the bluetooth desktop charger with integrated speakers.

The bluetooth headset of the decoy is neatly tucked behind in its own slot. It also charges from the phone, ensuring that you always have a fully charged headset whenever you need to make a call inside your car or when you are walking. It is also very easy to pair and to use with your mobile phone as the phone can detect when it is removed or replaced and automatically switches between headset mode and normal mode.

The bluetooth desktop charger lets you charge your headset while it is not attached to your phone while still use it via the integrated speakers. This little addition also adds a little bit more to the Decoy’s price, which some people might like to know. Although it might not be much, people who do not care for the desktop charger would save a few bucks by getting the standard Decoy.

Aside from the Bluetooth headset, the Decoy also has a lot of features that are worth mentioning. First off, the Decoy is a 3G phone and you get the all the benefits of having fast transfer speeds. You can download music files quickly or browser the internet. It also sports a 2 megapixel camera with a self portrait mirror that can capture stills and record video, though a little bit inferior compared to the cameras on other mobile phones. You can also use additional memory via microSD card with capacities of up to 8GB.

The limited edition of the Decoy just seems to be plain gimmicky and does not really add any extra features to the phone. Some people might appreciate the desktop charger or the integrated speakers, but most people would just find it to be an unnecessary and redundant accessory that costs more. The standard Decoy does everything that the limited edition Decoy does, and that is often enough.

1.The LG Decoy and the Limited Edition are exactly identical to each other
2.The Limited Edition ships with a bluetooth desktop charger with integrated speakers
3.The Limited Edition costs a little bit more compared to the basic model

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