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An iphone is a smartphone; a Netbook is err… you cannot really say laptop because in terms of performance, graphics quality, and screen size, laptops will certainly blow away netbooks. But both of these devices will satisfy every internet-hungry traveler out there.

If you are on a tight budget and need to buy only one portable internet device, this two will surely come to mind and you may wonder which one is best suited for you. Each provides its own pros and cons, and in order to choose the better option for you, you must know what to expect from these handy gadgets.

Netbooks would typically have 9 to 10 inches in screen size. Hands down, it beats the iphone in this department as the Apple product only has a puny 3.5 inches of screen. Web browsing is not as enjoyable with iphones as with netbooks. The screen is a big factor for internet browsing, as well as audio/visual experience. This is definitely a one-up for the netbook.

Yet, portability is sacrificed a bit with netbooks. Larger screens would of course mean a large device. A netbook will not conveniently fit in your pocket unless you wear oversized 90s HipHop pants. iphones, on the other hand, are designed to be portable. It would easily be handled on the palm of your hand and it fits well in your pockets.

Nevertheless, the larger size will also allow the netbook to have a mechanical QWERTY keyboard. Many would find that very inviting since it addresses the difficulty of making long emails and processing documents. Iphone, as much as it wanted to make its touchscreen QWERTY keyboard easier to operate, would never beat the intuitiveness of a mechanical keyboard.

Physical size is indeed a factor and it goes the same way with the size of storage. Netbook can hold more data than iphone which can go up to 160 Gb or more. iphones, as of the current model, can only have a maximum storage space of 32 Gb. With these, netbook is obviously designed for computing on the go.

However, iphones will not get beaten with its communication capabilities. It supports internet browsing but unlike the netbooks, you can make calls via GSM and it is built with 3G support (in latest models) ‘“ they are phones after all.

Iphone is mainly designed as a portable communication device. It may not work as fast as netbooks but can browse the Web or send emails almost everywhere you go. Netbooks would normally need an add-on, like USB Dongle, to access 3G. It is another extra blow on your wallet.

Iphone is also built with GPS which is not a standard for netbooks. Netbooks won’t help you if you get lost but your handy-dandy iphone will.

Depending on the way you look at it, each device will trump the other. In size, for instance, Iphones will easily win if you seek portability but Netbooks will always have better functionality with its mechanical keyboard and larger screen size.

The way you intend to use the device is also essential. If you need something to mainly assist you in research and computer work, a netbook is for you. But if you want to have easy communication access — internet and phone calls — everywhere you go, an Iphone will satisfy your needs.


1. An iphone is more portable than a Netbook.

2. A Netbook has a larger screen size and has a mechanical keyboard while an iphone has a smaller screen with a fiddly on-screen keyboard.

3. Netbooks have larger storage space and process faster than iphones.

4. Iphones have better communication capabilities than Netbooks.

5. Iphones have GPS while netbooks normally don’t have the feature.

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  1. Now I know what to buy!

  2. For me iPhone still the best gadget for comfortability and i’m protecting it with a reliable case so it will give more safety for my precious gadget.

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