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Difference Between Netbook and Smartphone


As business goes mobile, so is the use of business communication devices. For most people who travel a great deal, carrying around lots of confidential information can be a big challenge unless you resort to the use of net books and, or smart phones. Although this two communication devices have an absolutely different physical appearance, their use is quite similar except for the fact that each of them may have its own range of advantages over the other depending on the user’s perception.

The smart phone started of as a talk device with little privileges but rapidly developed into a simple pocket computer with nearly all the features of a computer, being systematically integrated into the gadget. In comparison, the two gadgets can perform almost similarly. The net book may only outdo its phone counterpart in screen size and better storage as well as manipulation capabilities. The smart phone, on the other hand, brings flexibility like never before to the user. Think of a simple phone in your pocket giving you the benefit of being able to answer your email as well as download any documents whenever and wherever needed. Thanks to its browser setup.

For mobile business executives who travel frequently in the course of work, the smart phone could offer a wonderful alternative to the net book as you would not need to be stooping over your laps to get a better view. Due to its light weight and relatively small size, you can simply hold it in any position without feeling the strain. The problem would however arise from the small screen size for people who would rather have a better and larger image especially when it comes to email messages. In this area, the net book should be better placed.

The operating systems in the two machines would perhaps be the final distinguisher between the capabilities of the two gadgets. Basing on the fact that most net books will perfectly run Linux, it is quite evident then that the net book will outdo the smart phone as the applications that Linux can guarantee can never be compared to Symbian or the windows mobile that come with the smart phone. In quick summary, let us see some of the glaring differences between the two gadgets at a glance.

1.Linux software seen in net books is free open sourced software as opposed to the Windows mobile or Symbian operating systems that is incorporated in the smart phone.
2.While the smart phone offers flexibility to the user due to its size and the numerous games installed, it cannot match the net book in performance as the latter has friendlier applications such as the DVD playback among other features that are part of a net book
3.The net book can guarantee higher download speed as opposed to the slow USB transfer system used in most smart phones and will thus ensure quicker downloads.
4.While the net book could sufficiently serve students and business people alike, the smart phone may seem more like an aesthetic gadget if challenged to such tasks.

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