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There have been so many phones dubbed and marketed as the iPhone killer. Many of them have fallen short, and perhaps, some have succeeded. However, it all depends on personal taste, and no one has been able to beat the Apple creation, since they have been there first, and created the ‘iPhone Fever’.

It was actually the opportunity to come first, and market first. iPhone has positioned itself in the market to become the benchmark, or standard, of smartphones. Many challengers have come and gone, and this time, Nokia has built a new smartphone that can very well make Apple run for its money.

Nokia understood that going touch-screen is the not the only way to compete with the iPhone. Many products before them had fallen into that trap, but not the Nokia E71; it has become a legitimate contender. In the E series of Nokia smartphone installments, the E71 is the best one yet.

This can be subjective, but the E71 trumps the iPhone in terms of voice quality. It seems that this is a difficulty for the iPhone creators. In contrast, the voice quality of the Nokia product is just superb! However, in terms of trend, the E71 shuns touch-screen capability, which is a trademark of the iPhone.

In terms of size, the E71 is a tad bit smaller and lighter. It is rather insignificant, but certainly, the difference in screen size is apparently noteworthy. The E71 has a 2.36 inch screen, and it is dwarfed by the humungous 3.5 inch screen of the iPhone. Their resolutions are remotely different as well – 320×240 against 480×320 respectively. Perhaps due to this screen size disparity, browsing experience is deemed better with iPhones.

The E71’s screen size is sacrificed for one important feature ‘“ the mechanical full QWERTY keyboard. Since it is physical, the intuitiveness is much better, but it can be quite small for big-fingered people. The iPhone has its trademark on-screen keyboard, which is an acquired taste. Some people just rave about its touch-screen QWERTY.

One of the things that an iPhone lacks, is the capability to have a replaceable battery. The E71, being a Nokia, gives you the freedom to remove the battery, and replace it with a fresh one. The iPhone surely needs this attribute, because of its rich features that rather hog battery power.

Once again, the iPhone was out-done by a competitor’s camera. Against similar products, iPhones seem to always lose in this department. With its puny 2.0 Megapixel camera, it can’t beat the E71’s 3.2 Megapixel lens power.

Moreover, the E71 supports VOIP, which can be joy for many users. iPhones, on the other hand, just won’t have that support capability, because of SDK restrictions


1. The iPhone has a significantly bigger screen than E71. The iPhone also has a better screen resolution.

2. The E71 has a replaceable battery, unlike the iPhone’s embedded, non-removable battery.

3. The iPhone has an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, while the E71 has a mechanical one.

4. The E71 is not a touch-screen smartphone, while iPhone boasts its top-notch touch-screen capabilities.

5. The iPhone doesn’t support VOIP, while the E71 does.

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