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Difference Between iPhone and Nokia N97

iPhone vs Nokia N97

Even with meteoric rise of Apple’s iPhone series, Nokia has never fallen off the radar. In fact, Nokia still maintains the respectability as one of the leading manufacturers in the mobile phone industry.

First to be introduced by Apple is the iPhone, then came the iPhone 3G, and most recently, the iPhone 3GS. All of these products have caught the public by storm and almost everyone wants one.

In due fairness to the Apple product, the iPhone (series) is not all marketing fluff. It is actually an innovative product, revolutionary even. It had set the tone of what smartphones should be like. The iPhone has been considered by many as the king of smartphones.

Just like the kings in human history, the iPhone had numerous challengers for its throne and Nokia’s smartphone champion, the N97, makes the king at least uneasy on its seat. This article will breakdown and compare the Nokia N97 and the iPhone.

To be fair, the iPhone will be taken as a whole series since N97 was released way later than the original iPhone. As a matter of fact, iPhone 3GS, the latest of the series, was introduced almost at the same time Nokia N97 was introduced.

Now let’s get down to business’¦

The N97 matches iPhone’s display size ‘“ 3.5 inches. However, N97 presents a much clearer display since the Nokia’s smartphone has a better screen resolution than the iPhone, N97’s 640×360 over the iPhone’s 320×480 pixels display. Both use touchscreen technology but rather differently. N97 is pressure sensitive resistive while iPhone is a capacitive touchscreen. Many would attest that iPhone has the best and most intuitive touchscreen hands down. Nevertheless, N97’s touchscreen is good but it needs more pressure to respond the way you like it.

The N97 has a full mechanical QWERTY keyboard. This is a feature that the iPhone never bothers to think about. Apple engineers seemed contented with the touchscreen keyboard that iPhone presents. This is definitely a one up for the N97 because nothing beats the intuitiveness and accuracy of a mechanical keyboard

When it comes to speed and processing power, iPhone 3GS will easily put the N97 in its place, a very far second place. N97 may have an equivalent processing power with the original iPhone and the 3G upgrade yet Apple did wonders on the inside of the 3GS. iPhone 3GS is a speed demon with its ARM Cortex A8 processor clocking at 600 MHz and 256 MB RAM. These smartphones have different OS and it is evident that the iPhone is intended for internet lovers. Browsing is easier and more spontaneous with iPhones.

The N97 has an overwhelmingly large storage capacity. With an internal storage capacity of 32 GB which can be expanded up to 48 GB with a microSDHC card, it probably has the largest storage space of all smartphones in the market today. iPhone’s storage can’t be expanded and it is only available in either 16 GB or 32 GB. One of Nokia’s strong suit is its camera and capture quality and Apple just can’t compete with it just yet.

The difference in size and thickness is negligible. N97 may weigh a bit more than the iPhone but it’ll be no more than 15 g. It’s in the design that they differ greatly. N97 has a sliding design for its keyboard access while iPhone still maintained its plain, clean, and sleek look.

There are some minor aspects where both devices differ. However,it is still subjective whether which of the two is better. This will all depend on user preference.


1. The iPhone has three versions, the original, 3G, and 3GS.

2. The Nokia N97 has a better screen resolution.

3. The iPhone has a better touchscreen.

4. The Nokia N97 has a mechanical QWERTY keyboard while iPhones rely on touchscreen keys.

5. iPhone 3GS processes much faster than the N97. It also browses the web better.

6. N97 has an expandable storage capacity which is up to 48 GB while iPhone’s max of 32 GB can’t be expanded any further.

7. N97 has a better camera.

8. N97 has a sliding design while iPhone maintains its clean, sleek design.

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