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Difference between D5300 and Rebel T5i


D5300 vs Rebel T5i

Canon and Nikon are the pioneers in the DSLR industry today. The Nikon D5300 and the Canon Rebel T5i are two extremely popular models from these two camera tech-giants. There is very little common among these two models. Let’s check out the basic features and differences among them.

When comparing between the Canon Rebel T5i and the Nikon D5300, the Rebel T5i does not really have a lot to offer. The Canon EOS Rebel T5 offers 24p cinema mode. Besides, it also has a built-in optical image stabilization. There is a sensor shift stabilization which counterbalances any camera vibration. The lens is branded.

When you’re buying a camera, the photo resolution is one of the most important parameters you would like to include in your selection criteria. The Nikon D5300 offers 24.1 megapixels, which is fairly higher than most mid-range DSLR models. The good thing about having a higher resolution camera is that, when a photo accidentally gets blurred, it would look okay when scaled down. So that’s a positive thing about having a higher resolution camera. In the Nikon D5300, the sensor is quite large and the maximum light sensitivity in the Nikon D5300 is also higher standing at 25600 ISO.

Wi-Fi is one of the special features of the Nikon D5300. It also comes with a stereo microphone and offers GPS service, allowing global positioning, geo-tagging of photos, as well as navigation options. The Nikon D5300 has AF tracking system and the autofocus will follow the subject even if it starts to move. The flash X-sync is really fast compared to other camera models. When you’re recording movies, the autofocus is continuous. The screen is also large at 3.2 inches. The body of Nikon D5300 is 76 mm thin, which is very narrow for a compact DSLR.

To wrap it up, despite the Canon 60Da offering some cool features, the Nikon D5300 is the clear champion among the two. If you’re looking for the best DSLR to buy, Nikon D5300 can be an excellent choice. It offers everything you might need and nothing that you won’t!
Key Differences Between D5300 & Rebel T5i

Nikon D5300 offers higher resolution than the Rebel T5i.
The sensor is larger in the Nikon D5300 than the Rebel T5i.
The maximum light sensitivity in the Nikon D5300 is higher than the Rebel T5i.
Nikon D5300 comes with Wi-Fi and GPS, which is not available in the Canon Rebel T5i.
Nikon D5300 offers AF tracking, but the Rebel T5i does not.
Nikon D5300 has a better video recording quality than the Canon EOS Rebel T5i.
Canon EOS Rebel T5i offers 24p cinema mode, but the D5300 does not.
Rebel T5i comes with built-in optical image stabilization, but the D5300 does not.
Rebel T5i offers sensor shift stabilization, which is not available in the Nikon D5300.
The lens in Rebel T5i is branded and not the low-cost unbranded lenses that come along with the Nikon D5300.

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  1. #1. Maximum light sensitivity and image quality at maximum is different. you might have camera that does ISO999999999, but is it noisy?

    #2. More mp means smaller pixels. Less low light perf.

    #3. The D5300 does not have much of a larger sensor than the t5i. Canon uses a 1.5 crop factor APS-C vs Nikon, 1.3x. The difference is really just a couple square millimeters.

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