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Difference between Nikon D7100 and Nikon D610

Nikon D7100 vs Nikon D610

Whenever it comes to a comparison between DSLR cameras, Nikon is a trusted brand. The recent few models which have stirred quite a chaos and appeal in the DSLR market, are the Nikon D7100 and D610 models. Both of these great versions feature unique characters and can be compared in the light of professional photographic terms. Let’s check out the main differences between these two mid-level DSLR cameras from Nikon.

The D610 features a 24p cinema mode, which is not available in the D7100 model. The D610 also has a built-in focus motor, which is not sported by the D7100. It has a built-in High Dynamic Range mode, which allows automatic picture shooting under the HDR settings. This is also not found in the D7100. The D610 offers a little more megapixels standing at 24.3 compared to the 24.1 megapixels of the D7100. The resolution is also a little higher when it comes to the D610. The sensor in D610 is measurably larger than the D7100 sensor. The video quality was also found to be a lot better when shot with the Nikon D610. If you’re a fan of video shooting along with having a passion for taking still snapshots, this is a better model for you than the D7100.

Now let’s check out the sections where the Nikon D7100 simply beats the Nikon D610. The D7100 has a lot more focus points than the D610. This is extremely crucial when you’re looking for standard art form of photography. The D7100 is a little shorter than the other model and the volume is also less than the D610. The shutter speed is almost twice faster in the D7100 than the shutter speed in D610. There are 2 microphones compared to the single microphone in D610. The optical image stabilization is built in in the D7100, but the D610 does not have this feature. The pixel density is reasonable higher standing at 500 pixels per inch compared to the 442 pixels per inch in the D610. The microphone is stereo and the form factor is much thinner than the D610. The weight is also much lighter than the D610. The best part of this model is that it features Wi-Fi, allowing it to instantly share the photos taken to the internet, which is not available in the Nikon D610.

Key Differences between Nikon D7100 & Nikon D610:

Nikon D7100 has more focus points than D610.
The D7100 has a smaller form factor than the D610.
The shutter speed is higher in the D7100.
The D7100 is lighter in weight.
The D7100 features Wi-Fi connectivity, which is not available in the D610.
The D610 allows 24p video capturing mode, but the D7100 does not.
There is a built in HDR mode and focus motor in D610, but not in D7100.
The screen resolution is comparatively higher in the D610.
The sensory is larger in the D610 than the D7100.
The video recording quality is a lot better in the Nikon D610.

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