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Difference between Nikon D5200 and Nikon D7100

Nikon D5200 vs Nikon D7100

Whenever it comes to a comparison between DSLR cameras, Nikon is a trusted brand. The recent few models which have stirred quite a chaos and appeal in the DSLR market, are the Nikon D7100 and D5200 models. Both of these great versions feature unique characters and can be compared in the light of professional photographic terms. Although they have a lot of common features being manufactured by the same company, they do have some differences. Let’s check out the main differences between these two popular DSLR cameras from Nikon.

The Nikon D5200 is a great model featuring 24p cinema mode, which is not available in the Nikon D7100 model. It also has a flip out screen, which comes out very handy in different situations where a flip out screen becomes a lot more advantageous. The D5200 has built-in HDR mode and the maximum light sensitivity is a lot more than the D7100 standing at 25600 ISO compared to the 6400 ISO of the D7100. The video autofocus is a lot faster in the D5200. The display has a higher resolution and the sensor is also larger than the Nikon D7100. The video recording quality in the Nikon D5200 is also a lot better than the video performance in the Nikon D7100. The body is lighter even with extra lenses and when compared to the D7100, it is almost 120 g lighter in weight. The body is narrower than the D7100 by approximately 37.5 mm.
The Nikon D7100 has a good many features which are quite enough for outrunning the D5200. It has a higher battery power, which is nearly 1.8 time more powerful. The shooting is faster than the D7100 and the number of focus points is also higher, standing at 51 focus points compared to the 39 focus points of the D5200. This model is dustproof and waterproof. The shutter speed is twice faster than the shutter speed of D5200. The display screen has been found to have a little higher pixel density compared to the other model. The screen size is also larger and is 3.2″, whereas the display size of the D5200 is 3″. This is a powerful beast when it comes to taking still snapshots, but not so good when the video performance is tested. The D7100 also sports a higher price tag than the D5200, which was introduced as the successor of D5100 in the market by Nikon.

Key Differences between Nikon D5200 & Nikon D7100:

The D5200 has 24p cinema mode, but the D7100 does not.
The D5200 has a flip out display, but the D7100 does not.
The screen resolution is comparatively higher in the D5200.
The maximum light sensitivity is also higher in the D5200 than the D7100.
D5200 has a better video recording quality.
The D7100 has higher focus points than the D5200.
The shutter speed is also faster and the display screen has a higher pixel density in the D7100.
The screen is slightly larger in the D7100 than the D5200.

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